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B.R.B.O FORD CL9000 done

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                Your paint job looks pretty good. And I can see why you were comcerned about problems with the tape ( masking ) . That must have been fun getting the tape into some of those recessed areas ! ( not )



      Be Well


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thank,s guy,s

now remove paint from the fueltank,s

wil give it the same color as the cab [ red ] think look,s better than the chrome ore aluminiumlook

and fighting whit the exhauststack,s

picture,s follow,s

for now put some thing,s already together


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wel the fueltank,s are red now

picture for how its look

i think its better than aluminium ore crome



and now the exhaustpipes and some windows make for this one

spent a hour to cut and sanding 4 headlights glasses to make ppff [ so little in the big fingers ] but its fit

and now easy workin on this coe , have stil fun to do it




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