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Anyone know of a resin cast copy of the carburetor that came in the Revell 427 Cobra kit? It is a Holley, single 4-bbl with a fuel block on each float bowl and a line between the two bowls. It is not a dominator or center pivot float double pumper, not sure of the size or model. Commonly run on 426 Hemi for NASCAR engines and single 4--bbl 427 Fords.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the kit built and took a look and did some quick research. It has two Holley 4160 650 cfm carbs. 

Calnaga Castings has a 650 if you want to take a look at it and see if it matches your needs, but they have the vacuum secondaries so they don't exactly match. 




Holley 650.JPG

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Thanks for the input guys all good but not the one carb Ii am looking for. AFX has a good idea but since I build very little in the way of sports cars and seldom use 1/24 scale, a bunch of extra Cobra kits would not be useful to me, I have a couple on the shelf.

The carb I am looking for came in the Cobra SC kit with a single 4-bbl setup. The street Cobra kit came with the 2x4 setup with the shorter carbs. Here is a pic of a genuine Holley Cobra carb (the guy wants over $1000 for it BTW).

It is a Holley 715 cfm, no longer made in 1:1, different bowl style than the later 750-850 types. Actually the first generation of center pivot floats, the 715 was made for racing so the bowls would always fill properly under g-loads.


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The 715 was used on the NASCAR engines in 65 through around 1970, except for a few 69-70 cars used the 1050 Dominator. 426 Hemi's used the 715 type on the bathtub or regular single 4-bbl manifolds.

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I bought a bunch of Josephs very nice carburetors a while ago, these among them, and they look GREAT...all of them.

The LeMans float bowls was an early version of center hung floats wich worked better when you turned right and left on road courses and ovals, the earlier side hung floats worked best at a straight line and had severe disadvantages when you turned corners in high speed due to the centrifugal forces.
The GT40's and Cobra's were among the first to use these carbs thus the name "LeMans" but they also go by the name "cathedral" float bowls.
There were also Holley Dominator's with the "LeMans Cathedral" float bowls used in NASCAR.

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