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Real or Model #239 Finished

Real or Model #239  

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  1. 1. Real or model?

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I'm going with model. The transition from the taillights to the bumper is too round, the door lines are not perfect as on the real car, the sensors on the bumper have too much of a gap (more than the trunk lid). Also, see how the door handle looks to be just molded on the door. It's a big model, probably not kit based, it's a work of art for sure, but not one you can drive. 

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Model, and I agree with the points Tulio made about the size of the gaps around the bumper sensor caps and the appearance of the door handle.

1/8 scale photographs very much like a real car, usually, so I'd guess this is 1/8 or larger...though how anyone could possibly afford such a spectacular model is beyond my financial imagination. If it IS a model, it probably cost more than my house.

One more thing...no bulges at the bottom of the tires.  :D

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From the website,  http://www.amalgamcollection.com/about/

With regard to classics, in their quest for supreme accuracy and authenticity they go to great lengths to locate the best examples of original cars and digitally scan them to capture the precise shape and proportions of every part of the car including the chassis, engine and drive train. They also take 600 – 800 photographs of every aspect and detail of each car in order to completely understand the finishes and detailing.

It's the future of model making. Expensive at first, but pricing will come down, niche market sellers will spread.

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