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DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 13 - Photos from contest


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Thank you very much for the pictures.  I was unable to attend this year and was hoping for a great contest and turn out, looks like they achieved complete success. I know a lot of people worked hard to make it happen. Great job Cactus Car Modelers :)

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Thanks for the GREAT pix, Mike!  It was good to see you again; sorry I didn't have more time to visit, but I seemed a lot of little Gremlins* kept popping up as we settled in to the new facility.  The bad news was that I didn't have much time to relax.  The good news is that learned a lot & have already developed fixes for the previously unforeseen.  The better news is that even with a couple of fixable issues, the event was excellent!  And, how 'bout the food service?  Wow!

See you at 14!  Second Saturday, Every April!  {April 14, 2018}

* Not the AMC kind.

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Had a great time! and looking forward to the next one. A special thanks to Danno, and his team! Having a behind the scenes look at the dominos falling into place, sometimes at just the right moment, was not for the week of heart! Great job Dan, Hal, Bernie Tim, and all involve. Thanks 

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Great fun was to be had at this year's DSC !!!!!!   A big shout out to Danno and all the folks who worked hard and put in some long hours to make this happen.

The new location was awesome.  Clean, bright and cool !!!!!!  Food was great!

Mike posted great pics of the models so here are just a few more 'general' shots.....











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