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California Pit Stop


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This was inspired by an artist Ken Eberts ad in Mobilia magazine July 1993, pg. 17 that I picked up at one of the White Mountain model shows.  Soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a killer diorama subject.  From the ad:
 "California Pit Stop" by Ken Eberts was awarded the highest honor at the 1992 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance AFAS Exhibition...

Featuring a red 1959 Ferrari California Spyder at a Texaco Station of Rt. 66 in the California desert in 1959, a local character draws his own conclusions as the car's owner makes a "pit stop." ...

The main character is the Italeri 250 GT California Spyder, which has some Miniatures of Maryland detail parts for the interior, and several scratch-built things.  The old man is a Fujimi mechanics figure that is heavily modified with epoxy putty and wine bottle foil.  The Ford pickup is Monogram's great kit, just added some cargo.  I added the AMT Chevy pickup for obvious reasons.  Most of the gas station parts came from Detail Resources, who went out of business, so lucky I ordered all that when I did (lesson learned, get it now, don't wait!).  I scratch-built the oil can rack from cardboard.  The building is made from thin construction plywood, and ripped alder for rafters, doors, trim, curb etc.  A few posters are copied from the original painting, but signs were found online and Photo Shop used to enhance and scale to size.  The background is oil painted to match the painting.  I also made a mount for shows, to have his painting above.  I figured out the artist took artistic license to force perspective.

I need to replicate a gas pump for a base, and make a glass cover, because it's 2 ft. x 3 ft., and the cats would wreck it if in the house.

001 touched up.jpg









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Thank you.  Since we have been talking about the Shapeways figures, thought this was a good time to dredge up pictures.
My cats are pretty good about not knocking stuff down, it's really their hair that gets on everything.

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