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Ford Capri Mk1 RS2600

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I would presume it to not be a new tool at all, but a resin multimedia piece. The question would be whether or not it has a higher end quality and feel (and ergo price) that a Hobby Design or Modeler's piece would have, or if it's gonna be a more garage kit - gonna have to beat this into something - feel that Reji, Renaissance and others who've done resin "kits" of Rally subjects before.

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My uncle and mentor when it comes to driving participated in that Olympic Rally, which was overshadowed by those infamous tragic events.

Research it yourselves, Werner Thoma with co driver Hans Dumler, Porsche 911S. They finished 25th.

I think there isn't a single form of motorsport that's Olympic nowadays.

O tempori, o mores.

I was an eight year old at the time, hospitalised for a trochanter avulsion fracture acquired in one of those stupid and ridiculous non motorsport
forms of sports they force you into while you are at school, which should be made illegal on a general principle.

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It wouldn't surprise if it's an all new kit, vintage race cars are a hot subject right now...look at all the new and upcoming releases from Belkits and Beemax...way cool subject, IMO.

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1 hour ago, Junkman said:

And for all you pessimists, naysayers and doubters, this is going to be a full detail injection moulded plastic kit with rubber tyres.

Yes, this is possible outside the United States.

I have no doubt there are countless things possible outside the U.S., however I'm not the one that used the term "extensive use of resin parts". If the resin out numbers the plastic, it's a resin multimedia kit.

I'd love to see another Belkits out there, but since Decalcas hasn't had a functional website in it's nearly 4 year existence, a mediocre social media presence otherwise, and is perpetually behind on their decal releases it's hard to put a lot of faith into them whipping up 175k€ out of thin Spanish air. 

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