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1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino


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This is the car that Dale Earnhardt drove in the 1978 World 600.  It was one of Bud Moore's cars that Buddy Baker drove for him. Will Cronkite owned the car when Earnhardt drove it. This car helped Earnhardt get some exposure so he could get a ride for 1979, his rookie year in the Winston Cup series. This is also the car that was originally suppose to be driven by Willie T. Ribbs, an up and coming SCCA driver, but an unfortunate series of events allowed Earnhardt to get the ride instead. you can Google it if you haven't already heard the story.




















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12 hours ago, yellowsportwagon said:

Real nice job Mark.Did you narrow the bumpers. Looks like it

Tim, yes I had to shorten the length of the bumpers. They were ridiculously long. I then had to allcladII them.

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I had to make all  the decals for this one, and luckily it is a white car.  2 of the decals I had never seen before and  took me a while to figure them out .If you look at the World 600 car below the first one is the one closest to the window opening on the b pillar. It is so small in reference pictures that it was hard to figure out. Turned out it was  the "World 600 underdog decal". I know nothing of the story behind it, but I guess it was given to the cars that  had less of a chance of winning. I don't know if the best finisher in this group of cars was given a bonus but maybe that is why they were given out. Also if you look on the front fender at the front of the wheel opening at the top there is a decal there that is not very common. Tim  tried to help me figure it out, but I finally had to go to twitter and ask Don Smyle  of Smyle Media if he knew what it was. Don is a famous Nascar photographer who tweets his pictures all the time on twitter. Turns out, he owns an original picture of the car that was  of a higher resolution (below is that picture ) and he tweeted me a picture of the decal that was clear.  It was "Morse Cutting Tools"  So I was able to make that decal as well.  It always bugs me if I cant figure out all the decals on a build.





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My wife and I were watching GMA this morning to see what Junior was doing on the program. My wife said, why don't you tweet Junior some pictures of your latest build. I told her the tweet would probably never get to him so it would be a waste of time trying. She insisted, so I tweeted him two shots of the model with a little description of what it was.  I couldn't believe it but he actually got the tweet and replied to me. That's was pretty cool. But that's Junior.  He'll talk to anyone on twitter if he can.



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