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1977 Buick Century Buddy Baker Charlotte 1980


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7 minutes ago, DoctorLarry said:

Salvino's decals?

Yep the Cutlass decals. Only thing is the “Shocks Regal Ride” on the hood is red on this car. So I ordered a set from Mikes Decals that has the correct hood decal included. It will also do the 81 Lemans, so I bought it cause I want to do that car too. I cut the contingency decals apart and arranged them properly. Had to add a couple too from spares.

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2 hours ago, DoctorLarry said:

What color did you use on the interior? was there a "typical" paint color that teams used?

Back then they painted them all different colors. I did this one silver cause the real cars were. Lots of times I splatter paint the inside of the floor. Then paint the bottom side and engine compartment semi gloss black. Often they were body color inside too.

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3 hours ago, gks1964 said:

Love this WIP. I have long wanted to build the Earnhardt #2 Buick.

I think this and information from Dr. Larry may inspire me to actually give it another try!




That was my original plan. Then I saw the Buddy Baker car and said That’s a better looking car. I’m not a fan  of the yellow and blue.

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