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filthy 57 ford gasser barnyard find


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Well it's done.   

This was a  Covid induced 'what the hell' build. I always wanted to do a weathered car and why not after weathering a couple of tanks this year with my pastel dust.   Like something that was home built in the 60's, had a nose-bleed front end, was hard to handle, and positively unsafe at any speed! A car that was raced 'til it died, then towed to a barn where it sat for.....like 50 years ?? I took it 1 step further, this barnyard find was to have lots of dust and ....rust.  Rust, that is the real thing not pastel or paint, not the Tamiya/MIG/Vallejo variant.  Youtube has this kind of madness, and a British modeler enlightened me with his rust technique: mix vinegar and steel wool in a jar and let it distill for about 30 days.  It's the real thing.   I picked this kit up on a summer visit to Portland Maine at Renys, a small discount store that still has a model kit section.  You can build it stock or drag.  Builds up very nice, fits well, just sand away the seams and almost no problems.   Link to online build:

filthy 57 ford gasser barnyard find - WIP: Drag Racing Models - Model Cars Magazine Forum

 The body got a 2 tone finish with Tamiya white primer sprayed on the roof/trunk.  Testors Acryl Ford blue mixed with some old Aeromaster Russian light blue was air sprayed on the rest.  After the Future gloss coat, the kit decals and 'Homemade Hell' decal  (by SMBC for an altered wheelbase '64 Falcon) were applied.  Following a semi gloss coat, the pastel mud was applied, and when fully dried, brushed off.  Then the rust was applied with an old paintbrush in areas where rust happens, and once dried it was brushed off leaving behind..... the rust.  FYI: wear a mask!!  The nice thing about the pastel dust and the rust, you can brush most or a little of it off, then add more, here and there. A light patina on the roof edges and the rear deck for instance, and heavy rust on the bottom of the chassis.  Thanks to Tom Geiger at Model Car forums, who noted in the WIP Drag car threads to make sure the rust does not look like it was streaked on with a brush. I used circular motions with sandpaper to remove the streaks. The 2 tone interior color is the Aeromaster Russian light blue with very nice kit fabric decals on the old skool bench seat (GM P.E. seatbelts added) and interior doors.  Then the dust was applied to the interior and the floor got plenty of rust.  All chrome parts were stripped with Bleche Wite, and air sprayed with Alclad silver candy base.  Then the dust and rust were liberally applied to the front and rear end axles, etc.  The bottom of the chassis was also heavily doused in rust.  For the old skool gasser style front end, I cut off the valance and trimmed the front wheel fenders, while the front of the rear wheel fenders were widened to accommodate the slicks.  The kit engine is a small E code 312 C.I. / 270 HP and has very nicely molded Edelbrock valve covers.  The gas tank is from the AMT 63 Tempest AWB (a work in progress).  The steel wheels were a must on this build (the kit also has chrome spoked Cragar style wheels), with a set of filthy whitewalls in the front. Final assembly fit of body to chassis was tight as expected.  I replaced the rear side windows with clear sheet styrene as the kit windows rubbed against the roll bar making fit difficult.  The front hood hinges were cut off for easier open and closed.  Highly recommended. It was a gas! 


filthy 57 ford gasser barnyard find - Page 2 - WIP: Drag Racing Models - Model Cars Magazine Forum

57 ford 4.jpg

57 ford 8.jpg

57 ford 9.jpg

57 ford 10.jpg

57 ford 11.jpg

57 ford 12.jpg

57 ford 13.jpg

57 ford 14.jpg

57 ford 15.jpg

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