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Apollo12 'Astrovette'


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I recently read an article in the November 2020 issue of Octane magazine about the unique Corvettes leased to the Apollo 12 astronauts for the princely sum of $1 for a year.


The only surviving example originally belonged to Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, and duly inspired I acquired a Revell coupe as a starting point. I had to fabricate lower sills and trim, because the kit came with sidepipes, and also open up exhaust outlets in the rear panel. The body is painted in Tamiya Gold under Yellow Pearl.20210204_160506.jpg.f83920a4053c3645a05b5b5156a6dfeb.jpg20210204_160450.jpg.28efd52dedf51c58240be13892d6e441.jpg20210208_133035.jpg.9a6892dc8d56f50f1263f07263d8a475.jpg20210208_132959.jpg.7b484028f01e31597dfe8a5c1ad51db2.jpg

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Great to see you're doing a build of a car with such a significate history. I have seen several articles about this and the other cars that GM would lease to the Astronauts  for a $1. The link that Jantix sent has a lot of very nice detailed pictures. I always wondered about the design with the black paint on this car. I'm sure it had an importance to  Alan Bean. 

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