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Well  happy spring to all,,,finished up Revells 68" Hemi Dart,,cool kit,,Revell does a good job on the mtr in this,,but of course,,I have to put my touch on it. I wanted something sticking out of the hood,,duel carbs,,hi-rise,,blower,,somethin in there,,added x-tra roll bar in front,added some basic wiring,plumbing. other than that  just the basic kit. Can sprayed testors qukdry  enamel, hand painted rest.  I did have probs with the rear window fit,,if I lined it up even at the top+bottom,,there was a huge gap on the sides relative to the c-pillars,,bizarre,,so I put it in, with the bottom "Vented"  similar to a shelby GT racer  rear window vent type. All in all,,it turned out fair.  But good enough for my shelf!  Keep up the great works here on MCM.   S `









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18 hours ago, bisc63 said:

Nice use of color; a very wicked looking racer!

Thanks Rusty,,yea  Im kindof bored with just chrome+ silver all the time on trimwork,,so I paint some of the trim instead. Sure its not "correct"  but that has never been a goal for me ,,just experimenting w/colors is fun.  Thanks for lookin! 

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Thanks folks,,I wish the kit had come w/wheelie bars,,I didnt have any x-tras in the stash  box  otherwise I would have put on wheelie bars  and a parachute. There was also supplied in the kit 2 headrest lookin "thingees" that  I made headrest with. And there was no mention  or diagrams on the instructions about them,,so,,, I just made do.   They worked pretty well. Thnx for the kind words !

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