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1934 Ford Coupe Drag Car


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I finished this one up yesterday and took some pics this morning.  A lot of work went into this build.  The front and rear suspension was totally modified, The firewall was smoothed out and set back about 1/8", scratch built push bars, wheelie bars are from the AMT 67 Chevelle Pro Street kit, Wheels & tires or from Jay's Wheels and Ties 1948 | eBay Stores, the top fuel engine is from The Iceman Collections, body paint was originally Revell Light Blue enamel that failed, then Tamiya Light Blue acrylic that also failed.  After stripping the body twice and getting it back in Tamiya Gray Surface primer I decided I didn't want another failed paint job so I just cleared the primer.  The white lettering on the tires was done with a 0.5 jelly Roll ink pen.  The key on the deck lid and decals were donated by my good friend Roger S.  I decided not to load this one down with decals as sometimes it just looks good with less.  Hope you fellows like my efforts on this build.  Questions, comments, dislikes are all welcome. 

WIP:  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/184382-34-ford-coupe-drag-car/  















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2 hours ago, M W Elky said:

Wow that BAE hemi is real statement piece. I like the black wheels with the gray primer. Nice job 👍 

I appreciate ya man.  Yeah, I thought the black & gray looked pretty good.  Thanks.

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31 minutes ago, TransAmMike said:

Came out great my friend. All yer hard work payed off. As another said, that engine makes a statement and the use of the black with the grey adds interest to the build. 

Again, great job👌👍

I knew you'd dig this one Buddy.  Much obliged.

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6 hours ago, Rattlecan Dan said:

I'm here to applaud you, my friend. You did a sweet job on that beautiful little coupe with the engine I thought was too big. Lol. Nice work man.

I appreciate it man.  This one was a fighter but it turned out pretty kewl I think.  

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8 minutes ago, espo said:

Really like the crisp clean look of this color combination. Great engine and chassis detailing. Remember when the Barber Pole drive shaft paint job was a common thing. The engine is a model all by itself. 

Thanks David.  Yeah, that color combo really worked out nicely.  You can thank the Iceman for the good looking top fuel engine.

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