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2024 Cannonball Run theme ideas thread?

Tim H

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4 hours ago, 53gmc said:

Whats the rule on fuel systems? Can i use a fuel cell or is it stock tank only?

You bring up a good point: Cannonball specific modifications. The theme is Restomods, but it is still the Cannonball and if the mods are Cannonball specific and don't run contrary to the theme guidelines or are a justifiable Cannonball mod, such as Brian stated for fuel capacity or auxiliary lighting, then it is permissible. Again, it's up to the builder to decide what is in the spirit of the theme and Run.

Fuel cells bring up a grey area as, for the Cannonball, they've been a part of vehicles from the beginning; however, for Restomods, it becomes trickier as the look of a full race-type cell would be a significant change to the look of the chassis. However, there are fuel cells that seem to be directed more towards the hot rod community, rather than competition. These tanks, in my opinion, would not significantly alter the look of the chassis and is keeping more with the theme. It's a compromise between staying true to the theme, but also engaging in Cannonball-esque mods.image.png.3567cdf37e261a7b99b997c231f3e2c8.png vs.   image.png.970d7559cf45e329fb24b74c42543c1a.png

I will add another line or two the guidelines on the main build thread page to clarify the Cannonball portion.

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9 hours ago, 53gmc said:

Whats the rule on fuel systems? Can i use a fuel cell or is it stock tank only?

I am NOT the official decider. However, I would lean towards visually stock on the chassis but a fuel cell in the trunk is fair game and probably expected for increased range.

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On 12/28/2023 at 5:18 PM, Fat Brian said:

I would imagine Cannonball rules take over at this point since increased fuel capacity is a common Cannonball mod.

Fuel capacity, plus safety. In the 1:1 world, fuel cells are needed in case of a wreck. Imagine driving 100+mph and some local decides to pull over in the left lane. You don't want 40 gallons of fuel dumping all over you and turning your car into a recreation of Christine. I figure that plus high speed capable brakes and tires would be called for.


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