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Fire investigation unit

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Exquisite models, as always, Charlie!  

My Eisbrenner is identical to the one you show here, but it has a gray primer colored exterior surface. I don't know if it is gray gelcoat or if the previous owner primered it. I've held it in a sort of reverence since acquiring it, decades ago.



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Ok, let's get the history straight. The first Eisbrenner Seagrave casting was no detail single release slush mold. The first I got was a yellow casting that I made into YFD's 1958 rescue squad which was one of four rescue squads made on the sedan pumper body. A batch of the Eisbrenner casting were sold by GLMFAA for fund raiser in the 80's. They were a brown resin and no detail. Next generation was MIke's casting with details in the same brown resin. 2.0 version was out of a caster in I believe Oklahoma which included interior and part details in a white material. The last version was out of the Detroit club that did casting: I believe they were motor city casters which is defunct at this time. This casting is in a white material with chrome parts as grill, pump panels, ALF frame and interior dash and seats.

Now onto DIY if your ambitious. The roofs from the AMT/ALF cabs when placed together will make the sedan roof, sheet stock for the sides and fenders. The front nose can be made by forming from the material that Charlie uses or planking the shape like shipbuilders and plane builders use to make curved surfaces. The hood top is also ALF roof pieces. I had the fortunate ability of obtaining many Aurora 1/32 ALF pumpers when they ran the second run in the 70's. I used the roofs from that kit to do a 1/32 squad. My apology for hijacking this thread for this information.






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On 5/12/2024 at 5:09 PM, Chariots of Fire said:

That last one is your tunnel rescue, right?

Yes, I wanted to show that the ALF roofs can be combined to make a sedan roof. .


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