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One-Off Quiz #43 - Finished

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This is not a pedal car and it is not a toy car it is a prototype designed by Gorden Bedson and Keith Peckmore. Shortly after the successful lunch of the FriskySport they began with the FriskySprint. It was present to the publich at the 1958 earls Court Show in London. The FriskySprint got everyones imagination. During the show the first glimps showed up that  this would be only a prototype. Both designers got a new job in Australian and shortly after the show the left  Frisky. And Ffriksy was in finacial trouble and were closed in 1959.


The correct answer were sent in by


Matt Bacon





Richard Bartrop


Congratulations and thanks to Earl Marischall for this idea


One-off 43.jpg

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Is that a pedal car for adults, or does it have an engine in it?  Or maybe just bunch of hamsters running it?

If there is an engine, it must be in the rear because the driver's legs are probably taking up most of the under hood space.

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Even though it was tiny and perhaps terminally "cute", it was also as technically sophisticated as some of its well known contemporaries, like the Porsche 550 Spyder. Tube frame, transverse mid-mounted 3-cylinder aircooled engine, 4-wheel independent suspension, etc., and was intended to be a factory-built competition car, again like the 550, with a larger-engined version planned.

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