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Hello from Snowy New York

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So, introductions are in order I presume.

It all started a long time ago in a Ford Galaxie far, far away... Um, it wasn’t a Galaxie but it was a Ford product. One summer afternoon some 50 plus years ago may Dad took me to Miller’s Hobby Shop where they had model kits on sale, two for $5.00. Don’t you just wish you could find that today. I picked out the AMT 1957 “Flashback” Ford and the “Allison Thunderland” Thunderbird. It is still a very clear memory and unfortunately except for a few random pieces those kits are long gone. A couple of years ago I tried to replicate my original builds using the few remaining pieces bundled with some replacement kits. I even had my father paint the T-Bird as he did originally in Krylon Red. I still must do the decals. The 57 is unpainted except for the Testors 1111 Blue.


It's no wonder I picked Ford products, I guess they were in my blood. My father worked at a Ford dealership and from the age of two I hung out there, even had my own uniform, but that’s another story. Just like going to the New York Worlds Fair and insisting on riding in a Mustang. Still vivid.

I built a steady stream of models, mainly cars (all brands, not just Fords) and mainly 1/25th up until the late 80’s. But by then full-size cars and family took over my priorities. I kept up with the hobby, kept all my magazine subscriptions active and kept buying kits but in the interim years I built few models. Maybe one every five years or so. I guess I was a back seat modeler. Meanwhile the attic kept filling up.  I have over 500 un-built kits stashed away and that does not include the builders and project pieces. I think I prefer saving kits and restoring junkers to building fresh out of the box. I have a lot of started projects where I stripped the paint and prepped for a rebuild but never got much further. As seen below are a few such projects.



I have always thought I would get back to the hobby when I retired and now that day is looming large and I have started working towards getting things rolling again. The last couple of years I have stocked up on supplies and equipment. Built a paint booth from an old oven vent hood and acquired not one but three 3D printers. Now I just need the time to finish some of these undone projects and start some new ones. Hoping by joining this forum I can find the encouragement to make it happen. Thanks for listening.

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You are an ambitious modeler! Welcome to the forum. Like you I'm getting ready to retire too and decided to reenter the hobby. Also like you Fords are my favorite but I'll build anything I like and that's a wide spectrum.

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Retirement is excellent !! Finally time to pursue all our hobbies, I highly recommend it !!!

I'm a Ford guy as well but will build anything as long as its a race car.

Welcome to the forum from snowy Connecticut.

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