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'69 A12 SuperBee


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My most detailed model yet...Revell-ogram kit and decals. resin steel wheels from board member airbrush ayatollah.

I tried using Revell redline tire decals, but they suck and broke and I didnt have any shabo redlines, so I stuck some Goodyear radial transfers on the car. Lets imagine it was restored in the late 80's..ok!? :)

Genuine Mopar Street Hemi Orange engine paint. oversprayed the exhaust manifolds and negative battery cable just like the factory did it. Radio Shack wire for the heater hoses and Radio Shack diodes for fuel line and filters. added the drain hoses to the airbox using the same wire. ignition coil from evergreen round stock. embossing powder for carpeting.

used Ceramic acrylic paint from Michaels to black out the grille and rear taillight areas. If you havent tried this, it works grear as the areas you dont want black on will rub right off.







outside pic


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that looks very nice! love the color on that thing too. you did your homework on the engine details, job well done! now how about that Butterscotch Bee? :)


thats 4 or 5 builds down the road...got a few others to finish first..

but the butterscotch bee will probably get cragars and be a day 2 build.

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James, just what/who's color is that? I had a 69 SuperBee that was F-5 Green, looks REAL close to your color. Is it a factory color? Or is it a Tamiya color?(It looks it) VERY nice,clean build.! Great job! :lol:

George, thats plain old Tamiya Metallic Green over grey primer, right from the rattle can.

I was very happy that it was real close to the F5 green I was going for, without having to spend the $$ on MCW rattle cans.

I'm going to use it for my Chevy Rallye Green cars, too...especially since Mopar F5 green and GM Rallye green are the same color...

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Nice. REAL nice...

One quesiotn. Where'd yoo get the Eagle ST's ? Are they dry transfers or resin ?


Jeff, the "Eagle St's" are Shabo transfers...

cleared the tire, put on the transfers, then the tire was dullcoated..

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