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New shape Beetle... Custom !

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Hi Guys !

This is one of those projects that stalled and was put away, and i found it the other day !

As it was in a Chevy box, which i thought WAS a chevy kit, i forgot all about it...Its now been 10 years since this project began !! 

Hopefully some of you may remember it, but heres a bit of a catch-up...

I wanted to build something very ordinary, and make it CooL !   I like the new beetle but it dosent scream `customise me` does it ?

After mixing it up with a cheap Nisssan 350Z kit i went about modifying it...and got a bit carried away ! !

So far....

Roof removed,  windscreen cut down, rear parcel shelf made up, Dodge Viper front end (widened and chopped) 1937 Ford headlights (angled inwards) smoothed rear lights, indicators, badges etc.

Boot blended in, suicide doors, front half of the 350Z chassis , rear scratched.

Made up swing arm rear suspension with hydraulics, lowered front spindles scratch built, wheels are like 23" or something silly.. Also features big discs and calipers and the car sits approx 1mm off the floor ....😁

350z engine with modded radiator. Interior bucket is a chopped 350z piece and i might be adding a Pontiac Firebird dashborad.  

Engine and chassis were sprayed 2 shades of lavender which should be the final colour for the outside !

Since pulling it out, it had a snapped front A pillar (which didnt matter as i removed the other 1 ) and the bonnet was in 2 pieces ???

Ive also made up door hinges and forward tilting bonnet hinge, and added the windscreen with a few fill in pieces !

Lots more to do, but i`d really like to finish this one now.........More soon !





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9 hours ago, CabDriver said:

This reminds me of a build by the late Chopper Lear…but even more extreme:


I don’t have any better pics of this one - but I love what you’ve done with yours so far!  Nice work!


Thanks for the reply`s guys !

Wow, I don`t remember seeing this one before, amazing build by one of the greats !

Thanks for posting it Jim   !!

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