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1972 Pontiac GTO

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Sometimes you have to challenge yourself. Now, MPC and AMT get a lot of hate, but they have some of THE BEST subjects for builds. Despite some lack of some items needed to complete them easily out of the box, they can be really good fun projects.  This was the case for this MPC 1972 GTO. 

The main issue I had with this kit was lack of a proper detailed chassis.  So what did I do?  I got a spare 69 Olds 442 chassis out and remedied the ailments of the GTO. 

I LOVE this build because it reminds me of something my brother would have done in the old days. Iceman Collections Cragars, the Revell 66 GTO 389, and my wife’s “Judge-Like” stripes make it one of my favorites to just look at on my display for long periods of time.   Here’s some pictures…









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11 hours ago, DoctorLarry said:

Great color-what is it?

Thanks!  It’s a mix of Createx Pearl Lime and A craft color called Festive Green over Wicked Colors Gold. 




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22 minutes ago, Sledsel said:

Great job. It is a bit of a difficult kit

Appreciate it!  Straight out of the box it is a bit disappointing, however, when you bring the AMT/MPC 69 Olds 442/Hurst to the mix it helps spice it up a bit!  






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