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1967 Impala SS

Pat Cardz

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Thanks guys!

I actually built a GMC and Ford GT in between these.

Here's the grill, it was opened up from the back. The bumper was in bad shape when I got it so I had to repaint it with Duplicolor chrome. I didn't have an airbrush at the time so ALcad was out of the question. Well, I have an airbrush now but still don't have Alcad.LOL


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How did you get your paint to shine so good on your car? I have used Duplicolor in the past and have a terrible time getting a decent luster from the paint. Your car sparkles like a ruby and the paint looks flwless. I would love to get the finish on my cars that you do using Duplicolor. That is simply one gorgeous Impala you've got there!!!!

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Thanks for the great comments guys!

I added three coats of clear on this one then cut(wet sanded) and polished it. I used micro mesh polishing sticks 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, then I rubbed it out meguires polishing coumpounds. I've since gotten Tamiya's three step polishing compounds and have been getting better results. There are some fine scratches in the paint, not perfect, but I was happy with the result at the time.

Here's a pic of the completed chassis.


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