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Fast and Furious Hammer


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I have been reading some of the threads going on about doing the basics well before trying to scratchbuild, use aftermarket, etc. They made me realize that I have been rushing my builds and not taking the time they need to make them look good. I have been scratchbuilding but my builds are not high enough quality. I have been content with making them so-so not great. So I decided to do something simpler to try and improve probably the worst part of my builds: bodywork and paint. This will not have a huge amount of scratchbuilding though it will have a little. It will have a slight amount of body work but I will be mostly focusing on good paint.

This will be somewhat of a replica of the Fast and Furious "Hammer" roadrunner. It will have a few twists of my own in it as well. I started it a while ago and it went into the box. The engine is painted and almost ready to go. I will be using a ross gibson 383 sonoramic commando.



I bought two pro chargers from shucky to fit to the engine.


The car will have a rear four-link. Here is the rear axle.


I will be using Pegasus chrome vantage wheels. The centers are in the chrome-removing solution :lol: after which they will be painted metallic black. I started the bodywork. I filled in the turn signals, shaved the wheel flares, filled in the air grabber hole in the hood, and opened up the inductions scoop in the hood.



To fit the wheels, I tubbed the rear by slicing out the back section of the wheel arch and moving it back.



I am trying to improve my build quality so if you have any suggestions please comment.


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Guest Sickfish

G'day Stewart! Great idea mate!  Love my Mopars  Love this car! Can't recall what the actual colour of this beast is but it look's like a darkish steel? Don't know how you paint your builds, air-brush/can? But I've got a tip for ya ... Testors range of air-brush only ( pre-thinned ) paints, mostly metallics, like steel/aluminum/titanium/brass etc, are really easy to use, dry pretty much as soon as the paint hits the plastic & replicate metallic colours really well  If you're able ( haven't got a colour yet ) try getting Titanium ( dark charcoal-ish ) & mix some of the aluminum in 'til you get a nice match for Hammer's colour? Between 3-4 good coats should do the trick & hit it with some good quality clear straight away, allowing less time for dust etc to settle & stick. If you do this straight away there'll be no need for wet-sanding etc ( colour-coats ) If all goe's well a good light clear-coat wet sand then polish will make the colour pop! Hope this help's you out mate?

Cheers Cliffo 

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Thanks cliffo. I was planning on using a testors metallizer paint. I have them and they are amazing. I was going to use magnesium but I will have to experiment a little before I find out the right color. Might have to mix my own color as well. Thanks for the tip.


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Bodywork is done!!! Here is the body in primer.


I am finishing up engine wiring and plumbing and am starting on the interior. Here are my primered seats.


And a shot of the real interior.


More to come later.


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Watched the Hammer on BJ last night sold for $175k.......no turbos on the 528 hemi....check out Steve Stropes Pure Vision....


"One of the guys at Hot Rod magazine told him, “I know the baddest mopar in SoCal, it’s a car called Hammer that Pure Vision built.†The Hammer has a rear wheel-hubs highly modified to fit extremely large tires. The chassis is modified, very modern suspension under it in the front. It has a very large, all-aluminum, 528 cubic-inch digital fuel-injected HEMI in it. It’s a hand-made interior — I handmade the dash. Friends of mine at Redline Gauge Works custom-made the gauges, which we designed together. That car has a lot of hand-made parts and pieces, but it still looks immediately recognizable as a 1970 Roadrunner GTX Satellite."

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Thanks for the input guys. Here is a pic of the real engine


I know I am not doing in this 100% correct to the 1:1 Hammer but I want to do this my way. Hemis can get tiring after a while ;) I ordered a set of PE brackets yesterday for the pro chargers. I also ordered a couple different colors of paint. I will see which one is the best match. Thanks again for the help.


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Cool..I'm working on ideas for a build using a resin '70 Road Runner (repop of the Johan kit), the chassis from the '70 Super Bee, a 440 six pack, a '69 6 pack style hood scoop, and the wide wheels w/ steelies from the '78 Monaco...

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I have the body all ready for paint. Still waiting for it to get here in the mail. I started on the axle. It is a viper differential with a brass tube through it. I still have to make the 4-link for it.


The interior has the base coat painted and I have some more detailing to do on it.


The seats are done. I filled in the backs with styrene to make them look more realistic.


I smoothed out the dash and now I have to figure out how to sculpt it and ad guages.


I am finishing wiring the engine and plumbing it. I got a set of PE brackets from Detail Master to attach the superchargers with. I still have to paint them and get them to fit in the engine bay.


I smoothed out the gas tank and I will be painting it polished aluminum to simulate an aftermarket fuel cell.


More updates soon.


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Hey Stewart,

Looks very nice, know what you mean about the basics, I'm trying to do the same. I really like what you have done so far, you can tell you are putting a lot of time and thought into this car, and it shows. Gotta love a MOPAR, can't wait to see more. Thanks for posting!!


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I love this car! Dom's cameo in Tokyo Drift was the highlight of the movie for me. I will watch this build with eager eyes as I am building the Charger from the first movie to my own personal specs based on what I saw in the movie.

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WOW! I hardly remember the car, Must have been a short Blip on the radar.

THe build looks like it is going well.

Like the turbos

The mild tub on the chassis looks good.

Its at the very end of Tokyo Drift When Vin Diesel takes on the Newly Crowned DK (Drift King) Los Bandoleros is playing in the car, awesome scene!

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  • 3 months later...

I have done quite a bit since I last posted. I have the motor nearly complete. It just needs the exhaust headers done and it will be complete.


I am working on the interior. This is what I have done on the dash, the rest of the interior is almost complete.


I have been trying to work out a 4-link suspension for the rear. I fabricated some coil springs for the rear and am now just trying to fix the ride height to where I need it. Here is my rear axle so far. I have had problems with my 4-link brackets and am now trying to make some that work.



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