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Help with correct model from a movie

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Hi guys... Does anyone can tell me if the "oficial ride" of the surfers girls on the Blue Crush Movie is a '61 Impala four door or a '61 Biscayne four dour?


Is there another maker besides ModelCarWorld thats offer a '61 Impala/Biscayne 4door?

Thanks fellas!

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Dang, I started one of those couple years ago using a Lindberg kit with the roof line from an AMT Buick. Got all the doors scribed in even sourced up another set of door handles and the correct 327 engine. Checked my files and guess I didn't take any pictures...

Will be interested to see your take on it Alex, cause this is (another)one I really want to finish.

P.S. I swiped the pics to start my file, thanks.

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Tks doubleD. I have watched this movie a long time ago and did not remember exactly from the rear... That pic was right on the point.

BTW, I liked too!!!

Bartster, super Tks for the info. I will contact them.

C'mon Jairus... Isn't a good reason to get this project back?

Tks all the guys have posted! Helped a lot!

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Guest Dr. Odyssey

Thank You Art. THAT was the biggest give away. there were THREE lights per side on Impala's, biskits only had two.

That cracks me up everytime I see it. Not that the question hadn't been answered clearly earlier by someone else:>
Impala, Biscayne's only have two taillights IIRC
Maybe a "Thank You Dave" is in order?
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