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71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi


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I'm diggin' the '37, but am absolutely awestruck by your work. Everything about this model is inspirational; the craftsmanship, ingenuity and perseverence are all worthy of great respect. Thank you for sharing this with us. Looking forward to more (hint :P ).

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Johann, really appreciate the kind words encouragement

Ron, you are too kind, thank you

hey Joe, haven't really touched in several weeks, I made an inter-cooler, had a LOT of time in it and it didn't fit like I wanted it too, kinda got me a little bent out of shape and disgusted with it lol, you know how it goes, I will get back at it soon hopefully, thanks for askin bro

hi Billy, it was great to see you, we had a great time at the show, I appreciated the hospitality, thanks again

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Mr. Davis, PLEASE don't leave us hanging too long! We all see too many epic builds fade away (a certain brass wrecker comes to mind.... *wink* *wink*) and almost get forgotten (I also remember CoyoteHybrids awesome `64 Dodge with the scratch-build engine...) but there's people, like myself, that will politely remind the builder that we're watching. And paying attention.

I took me 2 months to install the headliner in my 1:1 Barracuda because it was a PIA and I wanted to do it myself. Take a deep breath, and have at it when your ready. You'll get it.

** Although, with the newly tooled Revell `Cuda kit just around the corner, I may understand your casual pace..... :D **

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see this is what happens when i miss a year of this build! you go and make all this brass stuff..........wow! my jaw is on the floor bill, this is incredible. excellent work buddy, i can wait to see more of this.

how long have you been on this one now? its well over a year im sure.....whatever it is, i cant wait to see the finished project!



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