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71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi


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thanks for the interest guys, really do appreciate it, seems to be at least one person out there that's not much of a fan, not sure what to make of it. I have a small update for those who are interested, I made a close out panel to duct the air through the radiator, for such a small update it sure was a pain to make, round in the front, square in the back, it put up a fight for a couple of hours tweaking it to fit, still not 100% sure if it will make final assy. but I do think it makes a more finished look.




thanks for checkin in

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I just joined and this is about the second or third discussion I dropped in on, and oh my. This entire thread made me laugh on every page. I can't even comprehend how a human can make something like this with a manual milling machine. You must be a beast with an etch-a-sketch.

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hey randy, guess I'm getting old and slow, or maybe you just make this metal work look so easy!! thanks my friend!!

thanks so much John, really appreciate it, still not sure what to think about strange post, your metal work is really looking sweet! stay after it bro!

thanks Tyrone! I could use some help with your detailing! come on over!! hehe

thank you Bob

really appreciate that Ace!

thanks Andy

that is very kind of you Jason, thank you

that's some funny @#$* right there Brad LOL, I did like to mess with the etch-a-sketch!! appreciate the kind words.

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Just had to comment. As a new member and just taken up modelling again this has given me the best 3hrs entertainment for god knows how long. As a vehicle mechanic for 40yrs the detail is unbelievable at this scale. Especially the steering rack and suspension. Could blabber on. Can`t wait for the next update.

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I caught onto this thread a few hours ago and I'm so happy I did. I read through all 76 pages and I am a absolutely AMAZED at what you can do. I am just about speechless! Not much more that I can say that already hasn't been stated by others. You have a phenomenal talent! Can't wait to see more.

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Hi Lewis, thanks so much for taking 3 hours out of your life to go through the entire thread, your comment is very humbling, thank you

Chris, thanks to you also for taking the time to go through, I appreciate the kind words

I agree Kevin, updated mean progress, thanks for checking in

Hi Jake, man that would be pretty cool to start it up huh, thanks for checking in

thanks Hemi, can't have too many Hemi guys around, might have to do that someday, thanks for looking at the progress

Hey John, hope all is good your way, thanks brother, I think Randy take more breaks than me LOL, but I'm sure he is not sitting on front of the T.V. like me, he is doing some thing else COOL

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