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71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi


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hey Chris,thanks so brother, feels good to get something accomplished!! I do have a couple 1/16 kits here, looks like they will be sitting a while at this pace lol

Kristiawan, thanks so much!

hi Mike, me too, thanks

thank you Stan

thanks Chas, I will be there, looking forward to it

thank you Jake, I thought it was dead too lol

hey Mark, I really do appreciate that, means a lot

hey John, you are too kind brother! you know how much that means to me!! you need to head this way so we can hang out again!!

Alyn ol buddy, you have been as absent as I have, miss hangin out! I wish it was finished so I could bring it, something tells me it's not going to be, bummer! truly appreciate it my friend! see you next week end!!

thanks a million Art, good to work on it again, you and John need to start packing and head this way for the Heartland!! :D be great to see you guys again!!

hey Brad, thanks for being so patient, I will try to do better lol, thanks so much my friend!

thank you Aaron, I appreciate that

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I am new on this forum, and have just spent a couple of hours going through this thread, your work is just incredible, eye for detail, flawless and ability,........mindblowing.

It has been an absolute pleasure Bill, thank you sir.

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It's been a while since I checked in on this, Bill. I am slobbering all over myself after having seen your recent update. That is truly amazing machine/fab work on your rear end. It's one thing to draw it in CAD and have it photo etched and something altogether different to machine all of those holes. Well done, my friend!

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Ok, so it looks like I have been living under a rock some where! Missed this thread completely. It took me a while to get caught up but just great machine work! This s just a great build. There are only about 4 or 5 guys on this entire site who do this level of work in metal and all of them are at the level of jewelry.

I particularly enjoyed the repartee over your use of CAD and CAM. I am not that old, but I remember the time before the computer became a household appliance. People did stuff with skilled hands and sharp minds not semiconductors and stepper motors. For centuries watchmakers have been creating works of art at a very small level. I am always pleased to see that this skill is very much alive and well. It is too bad that todays generations may not be witness to such skill.

Keep up the great work and I will definitely be following this. It is great inspiration.

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hey Jason, thanks, glad to be working on it again

hi David, yea it does help give an idea for the size for sure, thanks for looking in

I appreciate it Richard!

your welcome Dale, glad you are enjoying it!

thanks Dave

thank you Anthony!

Pete, yea, no CAD here, wouldn't know what to do with it if someone gave it to me, and it would't do much good without a CNC anyway! lol, those are some very kind words, I really do appreciate it!!

Hey Kevin, it is good to be back at it for sure

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I did manage to whittle out a couple of calipers over the weekend, probably have about 8 hours in them at least, geez! but they are pretty much done besides a couple of mounting holes , bleeders some pads and a little paint and decals


sorry for the last pic, I couldn't get the camera to focus down inside the wheel, thanks for looking

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Bill……AWESOME Buddy……..you gotta be the only one that can machine parts this small and have them come out this nice!!!!……..i`m sure it takes a special skill to do 1/24 scale………….. other than than 1/12 or 1/16……..you are one talented Amigo :)

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Hi Scott, it was good to see you at the heartland,I hope you sold lots of parts!, the fairmont iis looking so nice! Thanks so much for looking in

I appreciate that Chris,good to see you making progress also!

John,I thought I seen you at the show,I wish you would have looked me up,we didn't get to visit much last year, you working on anything?I appreciate it

Mr. Cruz, that really means alot, thanks so much

thank you Cesar

Jonathan, always appreciate it

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