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71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi


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hi Ray ol buddy, thanks my friend

thanks Richard!

appreciate that Jonathan

glad you are enjoying it Robert, thanks so much

Dirk, my man, thanks bro!

hey Alyn, you do have a way with words! lol thanks my friend!!

Dave thanks man

Robert, I'm sure these could be mass produced as far as the machined parts with a CNC, I don't have a CNC set up, thanks for the interest

hi Art, you are too kind my friend, thanks bro

sorry about your mind Chachie lol, thanks for looking

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James, thanks for checking on the progress

Norm thank you!

hey Chris, all ways appreciate the kind words bro

thanks John!

hi Brad, LOL, hopefully it will still look ok with some paint on it! there will be plenty of pics to look at when it goes to shows, thanks man!

that is very kind of you Thom, thanks

appreciate that Theodore

thanks Bruce

you are too kind Allen!

2K?? hmmmm, thanks for checking in Chachie!

that means a lot John, thanks bro!

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managed to get a little work done so far this week end, got some breathers made up, the ends were turned on the lathe and some very fine wire mesh for the actual breather, you can actually see through them


I made up the core support out of square brass tubing, I wanted to be able to assemble it easily when the time came, but yet still be strong so I pinned the frame extensions to the frame and soldered smaller tubing on the core support that slides nice and tight into the extensions, seems to work very well


thanks for all of the support from all who have commented, really do appreciate it, thanks for looking

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Bill, I am new to this forum and just went through all your progress pictures of this Cuda. This is the most incredible model I have ever seen. Your attention to detail is breathless.

Makes me want to throw all my modeling equipment away. I can only dream of achievements like this. Thank you so very much for sharing this part of your passion. I am just awestruck.

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