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6 hours ago, CabDriver said:

Funny think about the Badman...it's what we consider to be a typical looking period gasser, looking at it with today's eyes...but the box art at the time referred to it primarily as a funny car:

Monogram Classics Model Kit Badman 1955 Chevy Street FunnyCar Mostly Built  W/box | eBay

(I know this box is from the more recent reissue, but the copy is the same)

Yeah, Monogram and Revell where both way behind AMT and MPC on actual funny car kits, so these hacked together jobs filled the gap until they could make something newer. And when they did, well, the rest is history! 



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On 1/17/2019 at 1:52 PM, Chuck Kourouklis said:

Welp, I'm back from that wretched hive of online auctioning scum and villainy, and what I wanna know is this:  since when did the lousy Badman start trading so high-falutin' within a mere seven years of the last pressing? 

I just snared a clean and complete PC83 variation for about half the typical buy-it-now asking on the TD kit!  A starting bid on one of those is now in pretty extravagant territory.

Fortunately, the most recent issue (out now) has all of the Bad Man parts in it except for the decals and red tinted glass.

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This was one of the first kits I built as a kid in the seventies that looked good to me when it was finished. I didn't paint the yellow body, but everything else was painted. I had it for a long time(relative) compared to the ones that rolled because those were played with and would get bashed and eventually blown up with a firecracker or two. I also had the black street rod version, and like the Badman it was left in the plastic color and everything else was detail painted the best of my abilities. Eventually those were damaged and tossed along with most all of my childhood builds. So when it was reissued in 1999 I snapped one up. Finished it in 2013, and even with all the inaccuracies, it's one of my favorites.


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