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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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Nice work space.

:blink: NICE!!!! Wish I had a space like that.

Thanks guys,I'm happy as He...I almost said a bad word :P:lol: ,LOL,lets jut say I'm THRILLED,too thrilled to sleep tonight,LOL :D It'll take me months to get it set up even halfway (no extra funds),oping to have a bit to spare out of tax refundnext Feb to finish it off :)

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Just got back from Model Cave. Got a brush, some black wash, Tamiya clear red, and one of Kris' pre-wired distributors

Hope you're closer to them than I am. I always buy a couple kits when I go to make it worth the trip.

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(Toooday)usps ( I could kiss the postman! Was really good to me x-mas is early model uphoria! Styrene heaven. -I got today (2)I is parts other complete revell cobra streeyt racers *aka. The mustang II monroe handler! (1) complete molded in yelloirfix snapkit custom mustang, (1) johan 69' sc superstock amc. Rambler, revell 80' mustang(yes the cheesy one with 2 piece tires, a lindberg 40 ford coupe,87' amt mustang gt,88, dodge daytona,71' hemi cuda vertable, amt 71' duster street machine, and my fave the mpc 79' mustang indy pace car! The one with the awsome fox body hood scoop covers the center of the hood!, and 2 buildups a motorcraft mustang imsa racer, and a thunderchicken. Turbo coupe

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^ pretty sure I was bidding against you,lol. If its the same one, the seller also had a 75 factory sealed that I ended up winning.

brhm 57 is the seller, I seen where he had a lot of sealed MPC kits on ebay.

I never paid attention to the 75 Caprice he had as I already have the MPC 76 Caprice, but I have really been wanting a MPC 74 Caprice but could never find one at a steal of a price that was still factory sealed...

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  • ranma changed the title to Bought two totes with model's in them at the US 127 Garage sales:: here's what was inside of them...

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