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Lol thanks everyone....Yea I wanted to keep the theme for engine...Needed to be diff with it

Still gotta wetsand and shoot another coat on the hood


Had to use the suspension form the 37 Ford kit which it fell into place actually....Gotta get it finished up


Almost done with the interior too.....Ive work on 3 cars this weekend non stop pretty much lol


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I just found this thread and read through all of it. Beautiful car, the custom details look really good, loved the hood. Great work on it, I'm definitely watching this one to the end. Keep up the great work!

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This will probably be the last pic update on this...Its getting down to the wire as to having it done for Atlanta next weekend...Still got a good ways to go but Im hot and heavy on it...

Engine is done and going in tonight...Gotta finish interior up on it and start the inner fenders and fire wall...Got to strip the hood back down and repaint it.....

Ill be glad when Im done with this one lol







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Thanks everyone!!!!

I just wanted to post a couple teaser pics.....Pics will be up after the show is over but Im still on it and almost there!

If any one is going,hope to see and meet some of ya....Ill prob have a Ken Block shirt on and Ill be with a small group from town here down there



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