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AMT Cal Drag Combo

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For the Diamond in the Rough kit, the F100 has been released many times, the service trailer has been released at least twice but as far as I know that 40 Ford sedan has only been released once. The F100 was originally a 3 in 1 trophy series kit from the 60's. IIRC you could build the Barris Wildkat truck from the original kit.

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can the 40' be done as a show car

Not the one in the diamond kit. it comes with dents and rusted edges on the fenders already. 1 running board has a dent if I remember correctly and it also has broken windows with bullet holes in them. the chrome tree has bent bumpers one mag wheel and other things that make it look like a true barn find car. I have an old built up from when I was a kid. I will try to take pictures of it and post some up.

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The modified stocker, hauller and truck shown above are the same truck and trailer as the diamond kit. I don't know for sure because I have never had either of the kits in my hands but the cal drag combo and the Penske hauler above also look like they have the same service trailer in them as the diamond kit. The service trailer was also issued once through the blueprinter reissue program as a stand-alone kit. I would definitely like to see the Chevelle drag team kit reissued. Or even just the altered wheelbase Chevelle.

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yes, that's the thing: once they tool up something utility or unique like a trailer, they use it for anything it will fit. that double axle trailer from AMT has been used in a dozen kits as mentioned above. maybe with little accessory changes for each release, but the basic main trailer. I think ALL the trailers illustrated above, except the smaller utility trailer, are exactly the same basic parts, with and without front and side half-panels.

the one illustrated above that I really need is the "Indy" (as in independent I would have to guess?) race team with the Nova wagon pulling the nova race car. now that's kool


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Here a picture of other rare combo kits everyone would love to see reissued.

You missed one.... B)


Would sure make a cool combination with just about any Ford drag car.


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The Twin axle trailer was First introduced by AMT/SMP in their 60 Chevy Pickup kit!!

A similar single axle version was in the 60 F-100.

(I have one of the 60 Fords With that trailer

Both versions in 60 could be built as either the trailer, Or as a Display platform.

I have the Penski set with the Twin axle version too

They Did change the tongue to accept a More accurate Tow ball

versus the large Pin used in the original releases.

I too would Love to see some of these return.

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.....if round2 does this, Gregory, I would buy a case...just because I would. this and all the drag team sets are the holy grails of many. even the nova awb box set is possible by replacing the nova wagon with, say, a 65 el camino with the camper. the artwork could easily be altered to use the camino as the tow car....think of it....wow. also, the 68 Shelby drag team set could be a winner for the kats as well, as the Shelby only requires a few parts restored to make it original........lets hope 2015 really is a happy plastic new year.....the ace..... :P

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