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Jo-Han 62 Studebaker lark


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Hi all, picked this one up on E-Bay (from Poland !). Just went for a mild custom look - only body mods were removal of door handles, emblems etc and a lowering job. Colours are HOK Violette & Zero Ford Diamond White. Wheels are Pegasus Sovereigns.

post-289-0-15252000-1380299101_thumb.jpg post-289-0-31159600-1380299151_thumb.jpg post-289-0-53287100-1380299193_thumb.jpg

post-289-0-47056000-1380299237_thumb.jpg post-289-0-85533400-1380299271_thumb.jpg post-289-0-69993500-1380299303_thumb.jpg

As ever, thanks for looking


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It's cool that you have the hardtop. We see a lot of the convertible since it was in the USA Oldies series. Back around 1990 I was in a hobby shop and the owner asked me to follow him into the stock room. I spied a stack of the Studebaker convertibles on a shelf. I asked about them and the guy said they were obsolete stock and nobody wanted them. So I asked and he sold me the stack of 5 for $10. Two dollars each! The odd thing was that they were all molded in black plastic, so my Studebaker friends wanted them as varieties. I still may have one unbuilt, but here's what I did with the other one... Oh, and I do have a hardtop kit as well as two resin bodies.


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