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Happy 2014 all,,hope your staying warm in this crazy weather. Heres what Ive been up to recently,,its the AMT 72' GTO,,a decent kit ,,although it had some "issues" as far as fit+ design,,had to modify a few things to get it together. But it turned out ok,,I used different rims+ tires,but other than that,,with some minor wiring/plumbing thats about all I did to it. Fun kit overall,,have fun and stay warm!post-7309-0-88833600-1389186769_thumb.jppost-7309-0-25863000-1389186832_thumb.jppost-7309-0-71320400-1389186899_thumb.jp

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Thanks for the kind words,,@DM,,yea the trunk deck wing looked a bit bizzare for this year,,but it was the only one that I had,,it seemed to fit ok,,so I went with it. @ crazyjim,,that setting is the base for the drag strip diorama I have in the works,,its just a 2 ft shelf pc,,with plastic sheet I got at the CNC shop I work at,,and made the gaurdrail + stuff on it out of leftover parts. You guys build some great stuff also,,stay warm

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Thanks am73,,I used testors rattle can silvermatallic blue,,hand painted interior ,,I actually got this kit for the X-mas tree that was in the kit,,lol for the strip diorama,,but I thought,,what the hey,,Ill build the GTO while Im at it. Thanks again.

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