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The wife starting her first non snaptite kit. 1/16 charger w.i.p small update 1/30/14


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Update #2 she's getting a few base coats down and almost ready for wet coats.
Slow and steady. Told her make it look like the side walk when it first starts raining. Go from drops to wet. Wow this is really fun. I almost like helping her build more than I like building. All I gotta do is supervise Lol.
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Update 3....shes got the final wet coats on, this sucker is really looking good. Its been just nuts how cold its been in kansas city and today we have upper 50s so the garage is pretty warm so getting as much rattle canning done as she can. Love testors one coat lacquer its so easy to use and so forgiving. Blazzing black looks sweet.

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Well paint was perfect till the hood. I'm thinking the can started running dry and its got maybe air bubbles on the hood..not sure looks like sand paper. I would post a pic but can't capture it. I'm not real sure if I can polish that paint or not. Its the one coat lacquer

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1. She does a great paint job. But, please, spend the money on a good paint mask. Those surgical ones don't quite cut it. I was able to get a 3M paint mask for about $22. It's good for about 40 hours of work if you keep it in its self-sealing zipper bag, as it's air-activated charcoal. For most of us, that'll last most of a year or two of painting, possibly more.

2. She's stunning! All the more reason to get her that mask- keep her around.

3. If any of her sisters are even close to her, I'm interested! :)

Charlie Larkin

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