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Mercedes Benz SEC V12 AMG/Lorinser/Brabus


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Thought i should try give this old Tamiya Benz new life. Not sure what style it is but there

is some 80s tuner Lorinser bodykit,VIP wheels,i think they are Work,but the package does

not say. The tires are 295-35-18 at the rear and 235-40-18 at the front. The paint have lots

of pink pearl on it but i did not manage to capture it. The engine is a 6liter 48valve 408hp

from w140 S-class AMG,also Tamiya. I painted it like the engine in the Brabus 7,3. This

one have 582hp & 772nm. The interior is called bull blood red,but i`m sure it`s got a better

name,i forgot to take a picture before assembly. The plenum and covers on each side of

the engine is treated with Kosutte-Ginsan (This stuff is amazing). I mounted some fat

exhaustips,put on some VIP stickers on front fenders and rear hatch,polished the body

with meguiars and put on some strips of BMF.

Anyway i hope you like it and here are some pictures. Comments and critice are welcome.








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Beauty!!! :D

More engine pics PLEASE :D

Are you able to drop the rear end an 1/8" still?

If not nice build nontheless


Thank you :)

I`ll try fix some more pictures. The tires will hit the fenders if i drop it more -_-

Thanks all for the comments.

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Thank you James and Jason.

Jeremy: The engine is not original so the oilpan,exhaust and motor mounts where the only thing needing attetion.

As for self criticism i should used more orange on the indicators,also paid more attention to mount them.

The plates look dirty on the pics,also maby not my fault,but the rear skirt should gone deeper for a more

clean look. If you look at the sideskirts it`s not high on the rear as the rear skirt makes it look.

Anyway,onto next victim :)

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