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1979 Malibu Pro Mod Finished! 8-1-14

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Super job, Ron. Now...what's on the horizon for new builds?

Thanks Scott. I'm working on an AMC Hornet pro mod now. (I'll be placing an order next week for some of your parts). I've also got some commission builds I need to wrap up before the fall;

a 1970 Bonneville Wagon

a '69 Olds Vista Cruiser Master

a '62 Tempest Convertible

and a bust of H.P. Lovecraft.

Once all these builds are wrapped up I'm planning on building a 1/350 Original series USS Enterprise. (That will be my winter project) I want to light it and do some custom mods.

Thanks for asking!

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Yeah, I've seen your Hornet build. That is a cool one, too... :) Will you document your commission builds on MCM or will those be kept private? I don't recall if I've seen any commission builds online or not...

Scott, all my builds are on my fotki page. If you wanna look here's the link:


I may add some of them here at some point.

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Wild car,a true masterpiece.Bandit resins has some great pro mod bodies to choose from.A few years ago,I bought a couple of their 66 Nova Promods.They were very good quality,It had an optional outlaw hood,and a sick rear wing.The only problem,was the roof line sat a little to high.I tried cutting down the entire roof line down,about a half inch,but I destroyed the car.Anyway,greAt job.Plus now I don't even see the car for sale on their weBsite.

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