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Old Build 55 Chevy Bel Air


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Time for another of my old builds, this time it's AMT's 55 Chevy Bel Air.

I started this one in the beginings of the 2000's and finished a couple of years later, the kit is as I said an AMT wich is a bit demanding, the hood didn't fit and I had to add material both to the sides and length to get it to fit right in the opening, the rear light bezels was too large for the openings and had to be trimed to fit, I also had to scribe in a couple of missing panel lines in the front fenders and some other things.

I used Alclad II Chrome on the light bezels and grille as it's opened up to accept a photo etch screen from the MCG 55 Chevy photo etched kit for the Revell-Monogram 55 Chevy, it works for the AMT kit with some slight modifications...all scripts and emblems except for the hood and trunk amblem are from the MCG kit.

The engine is a Chevy big block from the AMT 69 Chevelle with some basic wiring so I had to put the radiator in front of the core support as they do on the real cars, the color is 418 Red Pearl Metallic from Volvo 850 with BMF on all trim and the wheels is from the Revell-Monogram 37 Ford Convertible With Trailer.

Well enough talk...to the pics.






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Something is off with the AMT 55. I cannot pinpoint it. I think the rear quarter windows are too large. I want to build a replica of mine some day but that darn AMT kit is horrible. Here is a pic of my 1:1 55 Bel-Air

I think it's the rear quarter panels are too long.. not sure... Cool car..

Hakan, good job on this kit!

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Thanks guys!

Yes the AMT kit looks a little off but it was the only kit available at the time.

On the other hand, the doors are longer and the roof is shorter ...and maybe even slightly lower...on the Hard Top so you can't compare the body styles that way.

But you can allways use the current Revell 55 Bel Air Hard Top kit and use the post roof from the 56 Del Ray and you'll get a better model, I have seen it done and the conversion isn't that difficult.

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