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Datsun 510 BRE update 8/15- it's finished!


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Looking great! But, the engine bay and underside blue could have been a bit lighter


I noticed that myself. Actually, I thought the blue in the engine bay was supposed to match the stripes and went off of that color. By the time I got my engine photo references together I had already masked and painted the area molded with the body shell in the dark blue and didn't feel like repainting it. Oh well...

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Very nice work indeed. Is the silver can on the right a remote oil filter or.. That's a busy little engine compartment fo sure!!

Mike, the silver can on the right is the radiator overflow tank. It still needs a PE cap, which I'm waiting to add so it doesn't get knocked off during handling. The oil filter is to the left mounted on the shock tower.

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The interior shots of #46 show that it does indeed have upholstered door panels... just not the ones in the kit. I didn't want to get into changing those out, so I let them stand. The interior looks to have been painted with trunk paint, which I replicated by painting the interior in Aircraft Interior Black and then misting it with Tamiya grey primer from the spray can. The dash was sanded flat and the gauges were replaced with MCG printed/photoetched gauges. Toggle switches were replaced with PE washers and fine wire. I deviated from the kit by switching from a four-point to a five-point harness (just had one on hand) and installed it over the kit's molded-in harness. Overall the interior came out alright...

Here's the real thing:


And here's my dash...


and a couple of shots of the completed interior. The dash mounts to the body for final installation which had me somewhat worried, but it all comes together beautifully.



It's in final assembly now- next post will be the final pics!

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So it's finished, and just in time for the show tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by the kit decals, which were opaque and thin and of much better quality than the old Revell decals. Final assembly was completely drama-free, even though the overly-complicated front suspension is a little fiddly to get together. Photoetched bolt heads were used on the windshield and rear window braces and the hood and trunk pins were adapted from a set of Detail Master pins. More pics in Under Glass soon!



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Fab job Jason, looks like it's ready to turn a few laps! Good to hear about the decals, with your great paint job it looks terrific. Now that the 240 is listed to be reissued it'll make a great stable mate. Would be great to get alternate decals for the 510 for other BRE schemes.

Jason, you've spurned me on to move this kit higher up on the build list.

Cheers Misha

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