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"Track Rat" Fox body build - Finished!


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Kinda want to build this car in 1:1, so i'll try it here. Kind of a no nonsense, make it go fast and look "ok" kind of build, one you can have a blast in and who cares if it gets dinged.

Not much to show, but removed the side molding, carved in the body line and removed the 5.0 badge (not going to keep the 5.0)


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finished the wheels up, I think these fit the car perfect.

Figured it was easier to trim the aluminum hoops than try and fit the integra wheels in them (once you remove the lip on the plastic integra wheel the diameter of both was really close) a little sanding on the back of the plastic wheel and I was good to go.





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Liking this a lot. I've built a lot of models to work out rough fitments before building the 1:1 cars over the years. Excellent idea, and much as I love the old smallblock Ford, it's hard to argue with the output /$ of a junkyard LS.

Exactly it, I'm building something id love to build in 1:1 one day. This is much cheaper.

I contemplated putting the coyote from the new boss in, but I don't have that at the moment

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You'd be surprised how many LS motors are in 1:1 fox bodies. It was this or a new 5.0 out of the new boss.. I already had this though

Yup. I have seen some h/c/i ls motors in foxes and they move out wayyyyy better than the same engine in a crapmaro.

The fox bodied cars I a great race car. The guys are just pulling out the old tired and abused 302 ford for the newer low tech push rod Chevy(Buick)LS engine. Nothing new about guys running the newest cheapest option. I am not a fan of this engine in a Ford but it is not my money. I do not blame them one for second. Why be seen in an ugly Camaro or another ugly Chevy when you can be seen in a Mustang, even if it has Buick tech in it(oops sorry Chevy guys) Chevy tech in it. LOL
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