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I finally finished up this car this afternoon. To recap the Workbench thread, this is a Johan promo that I picked up on EBAY last November for a good price. It is painted Duplicolor Sand and Tamiya Red/Brown with Duplicolor clearcoat.

The car did not come with an interior so I used a resin '59 Dodge interior from Modelhaus which I painted brown and tan with brown flocked carpet and resin cranks and handles painted chrome silver.

The BMF work on this was a bit tedious but it came out OK. I added chrome windshield wipers and a driver side exterior mirror. I still have to add an antenna to the passenger side front fender.

Here's how she looks......





I did fix and straighten that rear bumper after taking the pictures.

Thanks for looking in on this, As always, all comments are welcomed. Now on to the next one....... soooooo many in the TO DO pile.

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Thank you all very much for the kind comments guys.

Peter, I also think that 4-door cars are OK. ... Real "family" cars. I also have one of those DeSotos in my ever-growing TO DO pile of 1950's cars.

Charles, I have no intention of letting up on these 1950's cars. I still have so many yet to build.

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Love it. exterior color combo looks nice,,,I have actually been looking more for these old 50's Johan promo for my own to do pile all because of your builds ( like i need that to get any bigger )

( btw, don't look now but I think your rear bumper is loose )

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Thanks everyone. Your encouraging words mean a lot.

Bill, if you'll note in my sentence right after the pictures, I said that I fixed the crooked rear bumper, but thanks. These old Chrysler promos are hard to come by. I got lucky when I found, and won, this one on EBAY last November.

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Very nice Rich!! Part of the reason these '59 Chryslers are hard to find, in kit form & the real deal, probably has a lot to do with the "popularity" of them. Or should I say, lack there of. I would venture to say that there are probably very few people restoring these cars today, or for that matter, restoring the kit! I would bet that even most "car" people would not even recognize what year, make or model this was without a little coaxing along. I could never understand why a restored '57 Belair, with it's probable pickup load of after market parts, could sell for 6 figures, while a car like this, completely restored, would probably sell for less than $30,000.00. Can you imagine what it would be like to find parts for a car like this? Or how many of them even exist any more? So, keep your dime a dozen '57 chevies, I'll take one of these over the top Mopar land barges any day of the week!! Nice work Rich! Steve

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