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In Topic: Current MCM

Today, 06:24 PM

not really much of a threat, might as well cancel if you're expecting the issue on a certain day each month.

In Topic: More weird, from the H.A.M.B.

Today, 06:22 PM

Is that a trailer hitch mounted on the rear of the roof?

looks like a gas cap to me.

In Topic: We got a House!

Today, 06:20 PM

congrats, now start saving up for that replacement water heater and new roof...   ;)

In Topic: Foose - Revell Partnership

Today, 05:32 PM

TV shows aside, consider that Chip builds cars for people that have the money to pay him to build exactly what they want built.

I would guess that the majority of Chips' Ridler award winning builds are actually owned by someone else...that paid and may have waited years for their (now award winning) car to be finished. In fact most builders are building someone elses car.


Years ago Squeege's Customs was a well known name but never got the media exposure that is seen these days, I've personally seen the work performed in the shop back then, some of it went on the show circuit back then also.


Any person can say "XXXXX ruins cars", that is their opinion... I don't agree that anyone "ruins" anything just because what is seen doesn't meet with my esthetic for any particular vehicle.


This post is all over the map so I'm going to stop.

In Topic: '65 Chevelle SS 396 Z-16 (***Updated 23-May-15***)

Today, 04:57 PM

interior looks great!