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In Topic: A little hot in Arizona, huh?

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

hmmm... time to get the sun block-1million out of the nuclear bunker.  ;)

In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Yesterday, 05:45 PM

a Subway sandwich technician that wanted to charge me extra for putting more than a teaspoon of cheese on my "cheese steak" sammitch!!!


I mean really, doesn't the title Cheese Steak give a clue that the customer expects more than a teaspoon of shredded cheddar cheese??!!!


Damned sammitch didn't look anything like the menu picture.

In Topic: Is there any issues with 1/16 scale 65 mustang by AMT ?

Yesterday, 05:36 PM

I think this has been covered before.... I think you will find that the consensus was that the main issue with that kit is that it's a scaled up version of a 1965 AMT annual kit with all the inherant issues of that time period.


Hole in the block for the front axle, etc...


Basically, it's an "okay" starting point if you want to make a decent looking large scale Stang.

In Topic: Citation X-11 Bone Stock

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

I have a couple Monogram Citation Turbo kits but I don't know if there were 1:1 turbo Citations

In Topic: Woohoo! Big-scale modern tanks in 2015. 1/16 T-72 and M1A1!

28 January 2015 - 09:14 PM

gonna hang a tank from the ceiling?  ;)