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#90 Bill Dennis 1970 Mercury Cyclone

08 September 2014 - 03:06 PM

Driving for Junie Dunleavey ( whom passed this summer ) for the 1970 season, winning the Rookie of the Year honors and winning the Permatex 300 three consecutive time (72-73-74).

A Terry Barton resin of the 68/69 "W" nose Mercury Cyclone. The decals #'s and quarter panel sponsors come from the MK decal sheets while the rear panel are dry transfer. With several projects going on, the chassis will come shortly since the painting of the hood scallops were the hardest part of the scheme.




One more bonus................

LeeRoy Yarborough #26 1968 Mercury Cyclone




61 Ford Galaxie

08 September 2014 - 02:43 PM




68 Dodge Coronet R/T

08 September 2014 - 02:26 PM

Purchased two resin Coronet from Southern Motorsports back this July and finally got around to finishing one. Covered in MM Tropical Turquoise, Spazstix Mirror Chrome on the grill/bumpers, A 440 A/t from a AMT 71 Charger and the hubcaps from the Revell 68 Charger mounted on the AMT Goodyear polyglass L-60's. I used the AMT 70 Dodge SuperBee chassis/interior tub as a donor.

The second Coronet is still undecided. I just recently acquired a original 68 Coronet chassis and interior tub missing one front seat and probably might just use that to build a curbside shelfer or might go early (70's) Nascar on it.

A definite must have if you are a Mopar fan and a great addition to the collection. Thanks for looking...Chuck!





Bobby Allison's #12 1988 Buick Regal

09 February 2014 - 02:45 PM

A little out my comfort zone in what I like to build.  Nascar to me belongs to the memory of "Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday!" and that the cars on the track had more of a persona equal to or more than that of the driver.  But we who build what we love are entitled to our own biases....and then their are times we need to try something different.


I bought this kit a few years back with the hope of getting to complete it.  A little over a year ago when I was inbetween builds . I broke out the Buick finished up the chassis and painted the body at least twice....not to my satisfaction or to at least 4 can of paint so I decided to store away until I was ready.  In the meantime  PowerSlide came out with the correct sheet aside from the Kit decals (The Miller logo on the hood and door #'s is slanted, the kit's are straight) and those were acquired to do a more correct version of Bobby's ride.


When painting the Andretti 68 Cyclone I thought the gold ( Krylon ShortCuts Gold Leaf) was more towards the "correct" gold than Testors Gold Met. for the Buick. With the Styrene Gods blessing they granted me a Do over on the paint job that I got in one shot :lol:.  It wasn't the best that I have done but Thank Goodness that Buick of Bobby's had a lot of decals to hide those "little" flaws :blink:.  Good or bad it's a done deal and now it's rolled out of the box and onto the track.  Thanks for looking and hope ya enjoy...Chuck!


P.S Still ain't figured out how to date a camera







March of the Mercurys

09 February 2014 - 01:37 PM

Back in December I ordered & received three resin bodies of Mercurys ( one 68 and 69 W nose Cyclone and a 73 Montego GT).  Since I had the decals for the 68/69 versions of Mario Andretti's #11 68 Daytona entry and Bobbie Allison's Holman/Moody #12 Cyclone, they were a done deal to complete.  A friend of mine notified me of the Richie Panch #98 Grey Rock/ Budwieser sheet on Ebay and they to were quickly acquired.


Both the #11 and #12 have P/L chassis underneath and the only issue I am waiting to resolve with the #11 is that Mario ran Firestones and I haven't yet got the correct letters for it and when I do, I will post more pic.


The Montego GT of Richie Panch was constructed by using a stretched chassis of AMT T Bird. Taking two chassis, cutting one long frt piece and one long rear piece and joining together to make an enhanced (longer.. about 3/16th) wheel base. 


The 73 Montego obscure footnote in Nascar history is that only three drivers drove the Montego GT from 73 to 75...Davis Pearson #21 for the Wood Brothers,  Dick Trickle #75 for owner Del Puro, and Richie Panch 's #98 Grey Rock.  Pearson being the only driver that drove the Montego GT for almost two seasons,  Trickle and Panch were a one or two race deal.


By 1980 Neil Bonnett at Talledega won the final and last race in a Mecury.


Thanks for looking, hope ya enjoy...Chuck



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