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1932 ford

29 July 2010 - 03:25 PM

I remember some talk on a thread a while back about "Other Builds", as a place to post non-automotive stuff, but haven't seen anything like that added, so I just thought I'd share this here one time.

A few days ago, on an internet link, I accidently found something like this in 1 to 1, that some guy built - different bike, different ol' plane, but the concept blew my skirt up Posted Image .
Been wanting to build a sidecar somethin' bike for some time now, and last year a friend gave me a couple of P38 's in 1/48 and 1/32 scale, and I already had two of these bike kits.

When you get bored with cars, this can happen sometimes. What the hey - IT'S PLASTIC :rolleyes: .

I cut up and customized the 1/32 scale P38, added a few 1/48 scale pieces, added a scratched-up sidecar frame, and two days later, a little insanity in scale - FUN Posted Image .

I stripped all the chrome off. Everything will be either silver, black, or olive drab. A few ol' weathered decals, and she'll be pretty much ready for the dirt trail - oh yeah, it get's the propeller too.

1932 ford

25 July 2010 - 05:48 AM

Hey Clay my friend Posted Image .

I built this last year while you were on deployment. I thought about you several times and thought about our "Bantering" a few years ago about me doing a Studebaker. I still have a '53 to-do someday Posted Image .

Somehow, near the end of this build at the end of last year, on "The bench", I got side-tracked, and never finished posting on this to completion, and never posted it here "Under Glass" after it was done.
You jogged my memory on the thread for my "Phantom Nova Wagon" build, and thought I'd better show this to you.

It's a Danbury Mint diecast that I removed the bumpers from, shaved the door handles, and some emblems, customized the interior a bit, painted the interior and body a different color, added a "Street Hemi" engine, and then finished it off with "wires and whites" - kinda novel for me Posted Image , as I like the 24 inchers, and have it lowered in the weeds.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I get to share it with you - GLAD YOU'RE SAFE.

Here's some pics.
All the best - dave

1932 ford

23 July 2010 - 04:50 PM

This was a project I'd thought about for some time, and had collected kits and parts for over about a two year period.
I liked the idea of marrying an old style '55 Nomad roof narrowed and shortened, and newer 60's Nova, with a late Chevy 427 Hemi engine (Arias style), and make it into a "sortof" factory super car availabe to the public on a limited basis. I added the chevy Camaro muscle hood, faintly seen traction bars, and then everthing carefully detailed.

I opened the doors, built the jams and hinges, used a MCG 1966 Nova photoetch set to add detailing, and used factory style styled steel beauty rims and red-lines for the period.
I added PE script and badging decals, in a way I thought would represent a factory car.
I made the Hemi "Arias" style valve covers from a pic I had, but made them "factory by making them smooth and painting them Chevy orange, and adding PE Chevrolet script from from my stash of PE sets.

Don't have any WIP pics as I didn't take any, but I have a few assembly pics I'll include.
Thanks for looking.

1932 ford

30 June 2010 - 09:24 AM

Hi all Posted Image
I've had this idea and the kits for a couple of years now. This is a really rare car to see in my area, and was even pretty rare when they were fairly new, when I lived in SoCal. The fastbacks always seemed to be more popular, and to me more muscular looking.

Anyway, needed a deversion while I'm between finishing steps on the Auburn. Like I don't really need another project, but this was really fun finally getting it ready for paint.

The first few pic's are of the car where it is now, then there are some pics of the color choice and interior colors, then I'll go to the WIP pic's.

Thanks for looking

These two pic's are of a Shelby GT500 - No hood or trunk lid stripes, like on a GT350, but the body color and the interior colors have the multi-color contrast I like to use so much, especially on a 'vert model where color and detailing can really make a model stand out, and the GT350 stripes really add to the bold body color contrasts

As you can see in this interior shot, there is plenty of colors to give the interior contrast, and be a lot of fun detailing, especially for when the top is removed.

Here's a GT350 with the stripes on the trunk and the hood.

"68 Charger - POSTED FOR GEORGE 53

15 June 2010 - 08:32 PM

Started this here some time ago and had fun finishing it. Thought I'd post this for George, seeings that he likes this year Charger.

Just for you George Posted Image .

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image