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In Topic: Skeeter for Pop's

Today, 12:39 PM

Very cool!

In Topic: Old School Dirt Sprints and Midgets

Yesterday, 12:51 PM

Wow, very nice!  And not a speck of dust after 20 years  B)

In Topic: 1924 Bugatti 35 - 1/20 Casadio/Revival Double Build

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

Outstanding work.  I really think that deserves the term "replica" instead of model.

In Topic: So what does one learn from building model cars? There was a time . . .

Yesterday, 12:42 PM

I too learned about the mysterious inner workings of the automobile through building models in the '60s.  I also learned about world history by building WWI and WWII airplanes.  Boy did i go through a lot of tube glue!  :o

In Topic: Back to the '50s...Triumph TR2 and TR3

Yesterday, 11:14 AM

Very nice builds.  My uncle had a TR3, that thing was a blast.