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In Topic: Ancient history IH COE 4070A

Today, 06:22 AM

Great looking truck. Takes me back to the 70's vacations in our camper/Ford school bus. 

If this is ancient history I must be really old!  :lol:

In Topic: revell 67 camaro for mopar

Today, 06:19 AM

I sent you a pm .

In Topic: 3 D printer parts

Today, 06:12 AM

Well said William. We are getting there just a step at a time. 

In Topic: 1932 Ford Phaeton

Today, 04:32 AM

Jim I would just call those beach tires . 

In Topic: Modern big rig tires

Today, 04:25 AM

I do not know much about the bigger turcks. I was just thinking  that I would like to  do a bigger version of a few older trucks down the road. Not that I need them right this minute but people have asked on the forums before about vintage wheels and tires . Just asking for now.