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In Topic: what the guys who shoot fireworks go though on the 4th

Today, 04:14 PM

Good to hear he is better. 

In Topic: El Ponchomino

Today, 10:02 AM

Thanks Steve. 

In Topic: Ford Y-block engine

Today, 09:06 AM

Richard if you wanted parts for a Y block in the 70's you could have looked in Toledo OH. An old private parts store had them on the shelves when my brother worked there in the 80'S . They were a full service rebuild shop also. No internet to link the old school shops together back then. 

In Topic: Hi there

Today, 08:51 AM

Welcome aboard. 

In Topic: If money were no object, what car would you buy?

Today, 08:49 AM

My late mothers first car was a Black 55 Ford Mainline. I was looking at an add a few years ago , sure wish I would have picked that car up. 

The other car I would like to get would it is not for sale is a  Auburn Boattail Speedster that my late friend worked on. This car ran at the dry lakes and the current owner has a few pictures of it. 

My Friend fixed the body that was sectioned and put it back to stock.