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1937 Ford Street Rod

24 February 2014 - 01:05 PM



The build is simple---and so it is one of my favorites --- ( I seem to have a lot of favorites lately!!!)


A combination of the Revell 37 Ford street rod (coupe) and a few other kits --


The chassis is from the 40 Ford Street rod convertible -- I eased the rear portion of the front fender wells on the 37 to get the wheel base to "appear" to be correct... I used the 40 Ford stock seat and the flat head and exhaust system from the kit.  I added aftermarket heads, a Parks wired distributor and some over sized but nice Weber carbs from the now ancient AMT 63 Corvette with some added venturi's from brass tube and scratch built intake---(the flat head is improbable but hey it looks good---to me any way) radiator hoses are made from soft bead tubing and the wheels and tires are from the Revell 65 Chevrolet pick up kit...  pretty simple stuff really --- door panels are scratch built utilitarian style as is the single wiper blade and arm--- the license plate is made from wine bottle tin and an old California black plate kit decal and last but not least the exhaust tips are made from chrome sprue drilled out and painted flat black on the inside----that's it ---  take a look--- hope you enjoy..


(Maybe the front end needs nerf bars???  I had a limited customization budget back in 1967 - when I would have built this thing in 1:1!!!!   :o)



Bill (Duntov)


Front --






Engine views----






Rear ---






Interior ---





Tamiya 911 (older) Any Reviews or Information?

12 December 2013 - 10:58 AM



Does anyone have any input or reviews on the older Tamiya 911 Porsche kit?


I know this is a curb-side but beyond that ---- not much ---


Any first had experience and or build notes would be helpful -----







Bill (Duntov)

41 Plymouth Diecast Pick Up

14 November 2013 - 06:13 PM

I ran across this in a very unlikely place….. Christmas decorations section in a large chain grocery store…..hmmmm….strange indeed but…..


It is 1:24 scale by Motormax…..  nice looking and I considered grabbing it….under ten bucks I figured I can't go wrong…..


Does anyone have experience with these ????   Looks like some good possibilities here…..  pretty nice right out of the box with the exception of a few oversized details here and there….would love to see a Revell plastic version of this (like the 37-38 Fords and 41 Chevy????  Maybe????)…..it would certainly round out the collection…..!!!!!


Any comments on this one????




Bill (Duntov)


1962 Ferrari 250 (Fujimi Kit)

02 October 2013 - 01:44 PM



This is a work bench update on my current build – the Fujimi Ferrari 250.


First the kit…. This is a very well designed and executed kit…. Some parts are delicate however and you do need to pay attention to the build sequence…it really does matter….  One word of caution….  EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING needs to go exactly where it is intended….  If not you will multiply errors and the final fit of the chassis and interior build up will cause problems….


I made the following changes however…


Pinned the radiator in place with .032 brass pins…


Pinned the carb linkage to the base plate with .019 brass pins…..   (YES you can drill this out…  just keep breathing!!!!...   :o)


Drilled out the chassis pan mounting holes so the pan will sit tight against the frame – this is a critical mod as if you do not do this the shocks will not reach to their intended mounting points on the chassis pan …just open them up enough to make the frame and the chassis pan touch when mounted....


DO NOT mount the shocks until the chassis pan and frame have been mated together permanently…  if you mount them per the instructions you will break them off….


I drilled and pinned all four headers with .032 brass pins…this provides a firm mount for these critical parts….  I also did not mount them until I had the engine firmly glued (and dry) in place in the frame….  It takes a bit of messing around but yields a very good result….and the headers matched perfectly to the exhaust system!!!....you mount the forward set first and then the aft set.....


My main problems with this kit are the opening hood and the wheels and tires….  I have been told the wheels and tires are over-sized and Jurgen (Silver 250 in “Under-Glass”) verified this fact….  


I am generally OK with that problem but I seriously do not like the stock mounting provision….  It uses the common (to the high end Japanese kits anyway) neoprene mounting system…  in theory this looks like it is a great system…and I have been successful many times…  but NOT HERE… pressing the wheel tire pair onto the clear mounting boss generates way too much pressure on the VERY DELICATE steering and rear axle assemblies…


I ended up drilling out the inside of the wheel hubs with a 5/32 drill bit and pressing in new brass sleeves…. Those sleeves in turn had 1/8 inch plastic tube pressed inside and drilled to accommodate the axle pins…I also relieved the mounting recess on the hub so I did not have to deal with the small lug on the brake rotor…Near impossible to line those up with the stock system….this results in a slightly loose press fit that benefits from a tiny dot of gap filling ACC to lock it all in place.... This all worked well as you can see from the photos below.


The hood…well lets just say this is a family site and leave my comments out of it….  The hood fits perfectly but the hinge arrangement well….  Maybe I am just too old and grumpy or maybe too many Corvette models…  SO the hood is going to be set in place…loose so it can be removed or posed…..  “nuff said”…


All the major components are done and here is the progress so far….


Two main components of body and chassis / interior pan with wheels and tires mounted…




Body …just out of the paint shop…more coats and a rub out to come next….  Used Tamiya Italian Red….it looks orange here but really is a nice bright red color..




The interior close up shot…  need to touch up and clear coat the steering wheel still…






An overall shot of the engine forward interior set…..the kit has good engine detail and is built stock….   Pay attention to alignment if you do this kit….  It does matter….  There is plenty of plumbing but no wiring and I did not feel the need to add it….







And lastly …the engine itself….  The velocity stacks are tricky at best and I ended up pinning the carb linkage to keep it from falling off…..







That’s it for now…..   the paint needs to dry out and get rubbed… mate the body and frame / interior and add the details….


More later….



Bill (Duntov)

AMT '40 Ford Coupe Review (1983 Re-issue)

11 June 2013 - 04:08 PM

OK….this is a review of an older kit….  One that I am hoping Round 2 will re-issue…. Of course this one is a re-issue any way….but here goes.




This is the 1983 re-issue of the AMT 40 Ford Deluxe coupe (narrow grille).  It has some interesting additions and improvements over the original most notably the chrome parts.  Most all of the original parts are there plus some well done Keystone mags, some Olds Toronado turbine type wheel centers and the original headers have dumps added to them.  A few other changes as well but these are the main ones to note.  It looks like some attention was paid to this fret as it is clean and overall flash free….perhaps a bonus of the added newer parts???




The tires are in a word “plentiful”….  Four of the original Firestone skinnies, two classic AMT Goodyear slicks and four street rod tires with markings.  This is nice but I don’t build much anymore without using aftermarket tires such as Pegasus or Holthaus resin items….the later especially on the big fender cars like this one…..wide whites are just a natural here......but don't overlook the fact that the "Firestone" logo is on these tires and the slicks are perfect for a drag version of this car....




OK…. The main parts trees are the originals ….pretty much unchanged.  This version is done in light blue vs. the original first issue black and subsequent grey (and other colors) so it should pose no issues with a good quality primer and some high quality rattle can or air-brush paint applications.  As in the original there are two motors... a stock flat head that can be built stock or with a neat three 2 barrel carb set up, and a Buick nail head that can be done with the 3-2's or the blower .....  by the way the alternate motor is incorrectly called out as an Olds in the instructions....  small peanuts really.....


Pay some attention to these motors and they will be a real highlight of the build.... spark plug wires and some extra plumbing with the right paint and you have a nice representation of the motors......there are also tons of Flat Motor after market parts that can be added too..... 


AND YES…. There is a fair amount of flash….but two items …really folks!!! 


1) This is a 50 plus year old tool…. So just deal with it!!!!  (It came out in 1960....so do the math!!!)




2) C’mon…. most of the folks on this site chop, channel, drop, section, rip, cut, scrape, putty, mutilate and otherwise clobber the living daylights out of “nearly” everything they build anyway…..  SO flash is an issue …..WHY????   I never understood that beef….Oh well…..  it’s just me I guess….




Decals are a different version than the originals but I don’t think time has been kind to the carrier paper in this one…  (1983 was 30 years ago!!!).  But still there are some neat one off items.... just be careful here if you have one this old!!!




The biggest issue is a mounting lug (two of them) that infringe on the drivers side doors.  You need to carefully remove these and you may need to do some minor repairs….  Really nothing an average model builder should find overly challenging.  Same on the running boards but to a lesser degree.... just use a new razor and work carefully and you should be OK with a bit of sanding.....




Overall this is a nice old kit and I have built it countless times since I first picked up an original issue “Trophy Series” version when they first came out many many years ago…. Revell’s Standard coupe version (wide grill) notwithstanding this is a good kit for a number of modifications…or you can just do a very clean build with modern materials, paints and adhesive and have a great addition to your collection….  (By the way … I paid less than $10 for this on-line …sealed condition.....well worth it I think!!!!........but then again in 1960 I paid $1.59 at Fred Meyer in Portland Oregon!!!)


Get one of these and have some fun…..  it’s 1960 all over again!!!!!


Also, there are countless other versions of this kit in re-issue form….  I still have several in my collection….all have different box art.  I just figured it was time to drag another one out and build it and thought I would share this one before I put it together..... still not sure where this one will go but simplicity will be the rule of the day.....funny....I actually finish builds like this!!!!!!…..



Bill (Duntov)