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Slixx funny car decals keep cracking - any suggestions?

19 January 2015 - 08:50 PM

Hi, last year I was building a Shirley Muldowney Mustang, using the Slixx Frederick's of Hollywood Shirley decals. Most went on OK, but the gold flames and orange roof trim stripes cracked. After the ones for one side cracked, I coated the other side's decals with Microscale's brush on decal film made for this purpose. Then those cracked even worse.

I am in the midst of decaling the LA Hooker '71 or '72 Mustang. The Slixx decals came with duplicates of the red striping marked "fix" on the sheet. They went on fine, but I screwed one up and decided to use the same stripe from the main sheet. It cracked like crazy.

Tonight I am trying to decal the Mickey Thompson Revellaser. I had read these Slixx decals tended to crack, so I was careful and one side cracked anyway. I again went the Microscale route and again, they cracked worse than the untreated side.

I have a big inventory of Slixx decals. Is all this cracking the norm? If so, I am going to give up with them unless there is a way to fix them. I have considered spraying them with Krylon, but am then worried that Microl Sol and Micro Set won't work on the Krylon coating, meaning I won't be able to get them to bend or fit into crevices as needed. Thoughts and advice are welcomed!! Chris

AMT Willys Gasser Pickup

09 November 2014 - 08:08 PM

Hi, I finished this recently.  It is box stock except for a wired distributor.  It is painted HOK Wild Cherry with Testors One Coat Clear.  I will probably add some more sponsor decals. I also have to paint the tarp that covers the pickup bed.  I just moved and have not yet unburied the kit box so I can find and paint that part!  I had wanted to build this kit for a long time - when Round 2 re-released it I decided it was time!