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  1. Mine arrived in Utah yesterday. Looks like another good issue!!
  2. I know - it is beautiful! I still have the body from the kit, but it was eventually converted into a narrowed funny car body!!
  3. There are some nice engine parts in the Vette and a nice pair of slicks. Here is a pic of how the kit started out before getting modified over the years. I read somewhere that the kit chassis is actually from the C2 Vette. I am building this kit now solely because the original kit is the first kit I ever built. I got it for my 8th or 9th birthday and it got me hooked on this hobby for life!!
  4. Unless they produce or plan on special runs just for Ollies, I always think it is too bad to see some cool kits end up there (ie: the Chevy II, the Avanti and the modified Stocker.) That said, I did pick up a Barris Surf Woody there a few years back that I would not otherwise have bought, and I had a great time building it, so I have benefited from these deals. In fact, I told my wife we are going to have to relocate back East to be near an Ollies again. So far she has not agreed!
  5. Hi, does anyone know of any sites that will have sales this weekend (Thanksgiving)? I need to load up in a few kits and if I can get them at a discount that would be great!
  6. Fantastic! Congrats on that!!
  7. Here are two from the series - the Comet and the Cuda, both with Slixx decals. I also threw in the Boss Nova, which is just slightly more advanced than the other kits being discussed. I own most of the kits in the series but never seem to get around to building them. Part of the problem is I want to remove the wipers from them and it’s a pain. I removed them from the Cuda and it went fine tho, and the Comet didn’t have them.
  8. Really nice! I am just finishing mine but mine is out of the box. Love what you did with the windshield! The best pic is the last, shot from the rear. BTW you are making me think maybe I should use the front spoiler.
  9. That is really great! Love the wheels! Just watched an episode of Bitchin Rides last night and Kinding put similar wheels on a Chevelle.
  10. Crazy and fantastic!! Excellent!!
  11. I only have 2, both nitro-burners. Strangely I don't have a pic of the Mustang FC, and it is in storage so I can't take a pic. Here is the Pinto, which underwent an engine transplant. I did have a Jo-han kit as a boy, maybe a Javelin, but it is long-gone, altho I believe its redline tires are in my supply of tires that I still have.
  12. So how did this post go 11 years without a response??? Certainly nice work from Curt!
  13. Nice! I’d like to fine one of those! I have the Camaro and Challenger.
  14. For anyone here who is a fan of the bands Joy Division or New Order, their bass player, Peter Hook, drove one of these in the ‘70s when he was in Joy Division. Don’t know what color tho.
  15. That is nice. Good color. Maybe I should build mine!
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