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Revell Acura Integra Type-R..."Too Low"

16 April 2014 - 01:57 PM

This is a rebuild of a car model I built in high school, Revell's Acura Integra Type R.  I worked on this for about three month's and I am happy with the finished product.  First I know this type of car is not most model builder's cup of tea ,but I build what I like just as other's and that is what make's the world go round.  On the body I wanted a clean simple look so I shaved the emblem's front and rear.  I also did away with the horrible molded in wipers, the rear wiper hole was filled with a piece of plastic rod.  I also did away with the spoiler and filled the holes.  I had the local paint shop mix up Honda Tango Red Pearl which I decanted and shot with my air brush.  Nason 2 part clear was used for my clear coat.   The engine bay was cut out and replaced with styrene, 5 min epoxy and 2 part filler for the shaved and smoothed look.  I also smoothed the firewall and filled the huge hole's where the hood hinges go.  I made motor mount's out of brass and plastic rod, and all other nut's/bolt's were made of plastic rod and hex.  The hood latch was made of cut up photo etch pieces and painted.  Intake manifold, air intake and rad/fan were all modified or made of plastic stock.  The wheel's are resin BBS mesh wheel's modified and painted Alclad and Tamiya acrylic's.  The seat's are resin Recaro's and the belt's are detail master.  I made the harness bar and c piller bar out of plastic rod.  The interior is painted dark tan, custom beige/tan mix and leather.  I am forgeting all kind's of info ,but if you have any question's ask.  Thanks for looking