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  1. Immediately after posting the above, the photos showed themselves. And it is a nice looking Jag.
  2. Nothing on my work or home iPads.
  3. Photos? I’m not seeing any photos.
  4. Again, thank you guys for your kind words.
  5. Beautiful Mustang. I love color.
  6. I need to fix fix that. Adding the flags. The poles are there waiting for them. The flags should have come with the “little red instruction book.” 😀
  7. Now that you mention it, no it did not come with a little red book for the instructions. It should have. 😃
  8. Yea, I’ve always found the label of “POEWR” on that oven humorous. It’s some off brand, EuroPro I believe, I bought at Target many years ago. And thanks for your kind comment on the model itself.
  9. Thank you, “Comrade”(?).
  10. Very nice! It looks great.
  11. Very nice job! I like it.
  12. Nice looking Bird.
  13. Here’s an odd one i just finished building. It’s Trumpeter’s 1/24 scale Chinese limousine, the Red-Flag CA770. An interesting kit of an odd and interesting car.
  14. The ‘55 is about to be put into storage in the basement. Before it goes down there, I thought I share a few more photos.
  15. I’ll see what I can do. It maybe a day or before I can get to it. But, I will try to help.
  16. Just because it’s been there before, don’t mean we won’t like seeing it again. Lovely.
  17. Stunning! Beautiful job on a beautiful car.
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