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  1. I was surprised. DHL is out there making deliveries today, on the Labor Day holiday. So, sitting on my front step this morning, all the way from England, was a model I ordered from Brooklin Models. Their 1/43 scale, pre-assembled die-cast, 1962 Corvair Greenbrier Camper Van. Painted in Crystal Turquoise Poly. A little on the expensive side. But, I love Corvairs. And I really like the little details of this model. The surf board and non-stock wheels are cool and okay. But, it’s the little interior details that got me to part with my money. Very cool. And very fun. I’m glad I bought it.
  2. In a little more than 48 hours, I have finished all four of Atlantis’ new 1/32 scale funny cars. In general, I think they turned out okay. I hope you guys like them.
  3. Yea, I’m aware of Hess Training Vans. I’ve thought about picking one up. But, there’s something about that keeps from doing it. Price. Condition. Interior configuration. A variety of things keep from adding one to my collection. They just don’t seem quite right to me. I’d like a dedicated, true motorhome version.
  4. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this thread, and I don’t know if anybody has brought this one up or not? I would love to see someone offer a kit of a GMC motorhome from the 70’s. Preferably the 26 footer. I doubt that this would ever be a big enough seller to justify the costs. So I’m not holding my breath waiting for that one.
  5. It sounds like you’ve made it more complicated than needed. Twice in the last couple of weeks I’ve requested replacement parts from them. The only photos required were of the receipt and the bar code from the kit. And then a description of the part needed. With two kits I requested parts for, I did not have a receipt, because I purchased them off of eBay. In my case, even that was not a problem. Round 2 gave me no hassle. They confirmed they got my request within 24 hours. And had the replacement Falcon funny car chassis got to me in less than week later. The other part I requested, the Deora bed cover has not arrived yet. But, its been less than a week since putting in the request for that one. I’ve found Round 2’s online replacement parts request to work just fine. I’ve been very happy with them in the past. And recently. I hope you figure out how to make it work, and get what you need from them. Good luck.
  6. A nice batch of Fords. I didn’t know Linberg made a Cobra coupe model. I’ve never understood in the past why that car had not been made in 1/25th or 1/24th scale. Now I find that it has?
  7. Neat stuff. Always interesting in seeing cars that were never seen in the United States.
  8. The first one, the “Whiplash” Camaro is finished. Here it is.
  9. You’ll be happy to hear, my “Fiend” Charger is molded in blue.
  10. Wow! Beautiful. I especially like the color.
  11. Just finished this one. It’s Heller’s 1/43 scale BMW 630 CS. A nice little model of a beautiful car. I only really had one (okay two) minor problem with it. I was missing two parts. One, the driver’s side outside mirror. Not a big deal to me. The other, the right side front turn signal light. I put out a request to see if anyone had a spare. I got no response. So I decided to try making one. What I did was just filled in the area were the turn signal mounted with clear canopy glue. Had to build it up a layer at a time, until I got the results I was looking for. Then I painted it with Testors’ Turn Signal Amber. Does it look as good as the actual part used on the left side? No. But, it’s not bad. And better than nothing. Interesting, despite this kit not having an opening hood. Or any under hood detail. It does come with an engine. Why? I don’t know. You can kind of see it, if look in through the front wheel wells. A useless feature, but, I built and added it anyway.
  12. Thank you Larry. I am very proud of how well this one turned. I can’t always say that every time. Some builds I’ve posted here, I’m not 100% pleased with. This one? I pretty much am. There are flaws. But not many. And I’m not going to point therm out. It’s a good kit and a good build for me.
  13. My Duster in this release is Blue. And yes, the tires are two piece. Other than the color of the plastic, and the decals, these kits are straight reissues. So they have the good. The bad. And the ugly of the original issues. Thankfully there is little of the bad or the ugly with these kits.
  14. Yea, I think your right Rusty. The side decals would work better on a 1/25 scale model. They’re just a hair too big for 1/32.
  15. Your L&M 917/10 slot car looks great. But, it’s beyond my skill set, doing what you’ve done. Plus I’m not in big rush to get an HO scale version, since I now have a larger 1/32 scale one. If the price was right on an old one in good shape. Or Round 2 did offer a new one. I would add it to my collect. But, until either happens, I’m pretty happy with what I got. Again, nice job on yours.
  16. Well, I got the four Atlantis, ex-Monogram 1/32 scale Funny Car kits in today’s mail. I thought I’d give you guys a little preview. First, other than the bodies and decals they are all the same kit. Using the same chassis, etc. I’ve already, as you can see, started on the Camaro. With the Mustang not far behind. I should have all of them done over this long weekend. I’m a little disappointed the bodies are not molded in the same colors as shown on the box. I get the impression that the color of the body you get is random. A luck of the draw, per say. The only other thing I’m not 100% pleased with, is the size of the decals for the sides of the Camaro. The decals seem a little too big for the model. Crowding, and not fitting quite right, as shown on the box art. I’ve seen this on a couple of other Atlantis’ funny car models before. So I assume I’m going to find it true on the three kits I just received. But those are all minor complaints. Over all I like what I’m seeing. I’m building them straight out of box, with a little glue, and a little paint on things like grilles and taillights. We’ll see how they turn out.
  17. Doing a quick search on the web, I found a good example of the Aurora slot car that inspired me in the building of this kit. Man. I wish I still had one today. But, most of the ones you for sale out there, are either too expensive. Or too beat up. Or both. I wonder if there is any way Round might consider re-popping that one. Maybe with tampo printed graphics rather than stickers. That would be so cool. By the way, speaking of Round 2. The present owner’s of Auto World. Did anybody notice one of the sponsor decals on nose of the my model car? It’s Auto World. From back in the day when the owner of the original Auto World, Oscar Koveleski was active in racing. All the more reason Round 2 should bring back the slot car. Auto World was one of original sponsors back in the day!
  18. I use to do a few laps with the HO scale Aurora AFX version. Though I do have memories of the front spoiler on that car be a bit of a problem on more than a few occasions. Though I still loved it. And though it had paper stickers, rather than tampo printing for its graphics, it looked so cool. So cool, I had to do this kit when I realized the decal were available for it.
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